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In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

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Patient Video Reviews

"Since 2011, my son had severe pain in his knee for 3 years. I had been to numerous doctors and had MRI's done and was told everything from growing pains to wear different shoes to we cant't see anything wrong. Thank God Dr. Gentile "thought outside the box" and recommended a bone scan on my son's leg. Sure enough, a tumor was found inside his femur and Dr. Gentile recommended a surgeon in Newark who specializes in that type of surgery and it was done last July. My son has been free of pain since. By the way, Dr. Gentile also performed surgery on my hand which feels great. Thank you, Dr. Gentile! You truly are a great doctor!" - Rich G.
"I had my left knee replaced by Dr. Bade, while still working as a police officer when I was 48 years old. I retired from my job two years later and was able to maintain a good lifestyle. I was playing golf, enjoying vacations, and walking normal. Most of all pain free. Several years later, Dr. Bade replaced my right knee. Recovery was much quicker and I was able to lead, what I consider, a normal life for a man in his late 50's. Two years ago, at age 63, I had my left knee redone by Dr. Bade. A knee revision. Within four months of my revision, I drove a motorcyle from New Jersey to Sturgis, South Dakota for bike week. I am able to enjoy my lifestyle, thanks to Dr. Bade. When I go to his office, we laugh at the thickness of my folder. Due to Dr. Bade, I am able to do things not only possible for a man of my age, but better than some my age that have never had my type of injuries. If I would lose the weight that Dr. Bade has asked me to, I would be even better off than I am today. I believe that thanks to Dr. Bade, the last 17 years of my life have been made better because of his procedures." - Arthur B.
"My back was so bad I could not even pick up my 4 yr old for almost a year. One wrong move shut me down for days. I tried everything. I was referred to Dr. Cohen from my pain management doctor. He has made me a new person. Everyone is amazed at how I am pain free and back in the gym. Every time I pick up my son now he always says, "Mommy, I am so glad you can pick me up again," and I get a big hug. Priceless. Dr. Cohen is the most amazing man. I refer everyone to him." - Tricia I.
Dr. Torpey and the team at Professional Orthopaedic Associates saved my life.  I had a rare dislocation - my right sternoclavicular joint was dislocating, and pressing into my throat and affecting the nerves going into my chest.  Before the surgery, I had lost 1.5 liters of my lung volume and had elevated CO2.  I had to go on a home ventilator to lower the CO2 and help me breathe.  The dislocation was so rare that no one knew who could help - then I was referred to Professional Orthopaedic Associates and Dr. Torpey. Dr. Torpey used a donor tendon to secure my collarbone to my sternum.  Within 3 days my chest wall started to move right, and within 2 weeks the CO2 levels stayed down.  Within 4 weeks, I no longer needed the ventilator.  By August I was back to riding my bike.  I am now able to work full time instead of part time. Thanks to Dr. Torpey, I have a second chance, and a healthier life. --For professional reasons, the patient requests to remain anonymous
Thank you to Dr. Bade and his staff for his continuous and compassionate care throughout the years.  I appreciate everything he has done for me, for over 30 years.  He is truly a first class doctor and his staff is second to none.  --George D.
Thank you to Dr. Bade for all that he and Professional Orthopaedic Associates have done for me.  Your ongoing exceptionally great care has made the most positive impact on not only myself, but my entire family and we could not be more appreciative. --Kelly A.
"I was having pain and experiencing increasing difficulty walking. After a consultation with Dr. Gesell, I was found to have severe arthritis in both hips. I had my right hip replaced on March 12, 2013 and my left hip on April 30. Both surgeries went very well, and I was back to work by June 3. Dr. Gesell is an excellent surgeon, and I would recommend this practice to anyone." - Debbie C.
"I came to Professional Orthopaedic Associates office due to a serious knee issue. After my visits with Dr. Chris Johnson, I was referred to Dr. Mark Gesell for further treatment.  I was unable to walk without a cane and eventually crutches. Dr. Gesell was extremely communicative and understanding with me. We tried the Suparts knee shots first, which I wanted, and after that needed to proceed to knee surgery. I had a partial knee replacement in March 2014 and was standing and walking that same day!  I was in no pain and left the hospital the next afternoon. My experience at the hospital and with Dr. Gesell was 100% positive. Today, in October, I am a new person. I can now exercise, garden all day long, walk without any cane, help or pain, this after over a year on crutches. I will always be grateful to Dr. Gesell for helping me to return to a normal happy life." -- Marion P.
"I had a cyst in the joint of my thumb that interfered with my clinical classes that I needed to take for nursing school. My podiatrist recommended I go to Professional Orthopaedic Associates, specifically the Tinton Falls office to see Dr. Johnson. After consultations with him, we decided a surgical approach would be the best for me based upon the cysts position in between nerves. Shortly after the surgery, I went to occupational therapy, and was quickly able to return to school. Thanks to Dr. Johnson, I didn't have to give up my dream of an education in the medical field." -- Nicole
"My story has two parts. First, approximately 27 years ago, I was involved in an accident that required knee surgery. Dr. Bade performed surgery to reattach my ACL using two screws. While attending physical therapy, I was informed while the surgery was a huge success; I would be somewhat limited with use and range of motion in the future. I was to be out of work for six months, and I was further disappointed as I am also an avid weight lifter, and this would surely damper my workouts. How wrong the physical therapist was. I returned to work after two months, and to this day, I have full range of motion. I can do any leg exercise from squats to leg press with as much weight as I want, including several hundred pounds, I HAVE NO LIMITATIONS. Now at the age of 46, I have encountered another injury requiring surgery to my left shoulder. I had a bone spur, and tears to my labrum and rotator cuff. Another huge disappointment, as I have finally reached my life goal of bench-pressing 400 pounds.  I live in upstate New York, so traveling to New Jersey for a doctor is a bit of an inconvenience, however, how could I not use the doctor that performed a miracle on my knee 27 years ago. Dr. Bade performed the surgery on my shoulder in April of this year, and once again, I was informed that heavy weight lifting would be out of the question. Once again, they were WRONG. After a lot of hard work, I was able to bench press 400 pounds in September of this same year and feel incredible. Dr. Bade is a miracle worker!" -- John D.