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"On October 2, 2013, I was playing soccer at Rowan University, when I twisted my knee in an awkward manner. My mother was able to call Professional Orthopaedic Associates and schedule a MRI, since I was previously a patient there already. I was able to have my MRI read the same day by Dr. Johnson, only to find out that I had torn my ACL. Since I was in college, we decided to put the surgery off until after Christmas. I went to physical therapy until the day of my surgery, December 27. After receiving ACL surgery early in the morning, I went back home where multiple people called to check in on me and see how I was doing. The first few weeks were tough, but with the help of Dr. Johnson and going to physical therapy, I was able to manage it and get back to walking normal in about a month. Soon after, I was able to get rid of my knee brace altogether and feel normal again. I did hit a few rough patches when something did not feel right in my knee. But thanks to Dr. Johnson, I was able to get an appointment very quickly. He had helped me figure out what was wrong and the problem was gone within a few weeks. On October 21, 2014, I was officially cleared to return to soccer and sports. I am now currently playing soccer again, and my knee is stronger then ever! I could not have done this process without the help of Dr. Johnson or the staff of Professional Orthopaedic Associates. I am very thankful for everything they have done over the past year!" -- Samantha G.

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