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"I came to Professional Orthopaedic Associates office due to a serious knee issue. After my visits with Dr. Chris Johnson, I was referred to Dr. Mark Gesell for further treatment.  I was unable to walk without a cane and eventually crutches. Dr. Gesell was extremely communicative and understanding with me. We tried the Suparts knee shots first, which I wanted, and after that needed to proceed to knee surgery. I had a partial knee replacement in March 2014 and was standing and walking that same day!  I was in no pain and left the hospital the next afternoon. My experience at the hospital and with Dr. Gesell was 100% positive. Today, in October, I am a new person. I can now exercise, garden all day long, walk without any cane, help or pain, this after over a year on crutches. I will always be grateful to Dr. Gesell for helping me to return to a normal happy life." -- Marion P.

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