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"Dr. Johnson was quick to accommodate scheduling an emergency consultation and surgery for a badly injured finger, and was very forthcoming with what was his opinion and what was fact in terms of what treatment my finger required to heal as fully as possible. Although I did opt for the full treatment, he admitted that the finger would be perfectly healthy if he did a less extensive (and expensive) treatment, but it would not be nearly as aesthetically pleasing, and I appreciated his recognition of this information. Also, I was leaving the area only a week after my surgery was scheduled, yet Dr. Johnson was fully willing and capable of accommodating me and giving me all of the information I needed to be okay to travel with the injury and last until I could visit a doctor in the location I was moving to. He even knew of a good doctor in the new area that he sent my patient documents straight to so that checking in at this new doctor's office was far more painless than it would have otherwise been. Great guy and a great doctor!" – Tyler P.

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