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I am very pleased to be writing you a second letter regarding another amazing experience at Monmouth Medical Center. Previously, in April 2016, Dr. Mark Gesell replaced my arthritic hip using robotic surgery and most recently replaced my arthritic knee similarly. Again, I had a stellar experience beginning with Pre-Admission testing (Beth, Suzanne, Doreen, Herb) leading me to the day of surgery. My first memories of post-op were spent with a caring and thoughtful Recovery Room Nurse, Joyce. She stayed with me beyond her shift and I was so grateful. Finally, my journey to the 6th floor Orthopedic Wing – what a team with an apparent committed effort focusing on me, the patient. I so appreciated the care from Nicole Wilps’ 6th floor team – Ben and Angela, my evening and daytime Nurses and Robin, the Physical Therapist. As I reflect, it appeared all was possible because of the constant articulation between the Medical Center team and Dr. Gesell’s Administrative Assistant, Amanda Aversa. She was the perfect patient advocate! I always knew I had chosen a most highly regarded surgeon, Dr. Mark Gesell, and now I also know I was privileged to spend my first healing days with my new knee at Monmouth Medical Center.
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Mary Lee B.
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