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"I received a catastrophic knee injury in 1978 as a 16-year-old football player. I spent the next 29 years of my life having acute pain and 8 knee surgeries, until Dr. Bade performed a total knee replacement in 2006. The surgery was better than anything I ever hoped for. The recovery went well, quick, and 8 weeks almost to the day, I rode in the MS50, 50-mile bicycle charity event on the Jersey shore. I had over twice as long in my life with terrible knee pain and limitations that I had forgotten how to go to bed at night and fall asleep without having to take aspirin, prop my leg and have ice. I will never be able to thank Dr. Bade enough and I refer anyone who asks, "Where did you get your knee done?" to Dr Bade and Professional Orthopaedic Associates." -- Craig L.

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