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"I first saw Dr. Johnson back in my freshman year of high school (2004), after having knee pain during field hockey. Dr. Johnson attempted conservative treatment through rehab to get me through the season. At the end of the season, I went for my first arthroscopic knee surgery for a torn meniscus at the surgery center in Tinton Falls. My recovery with physical therapy was very quick and I was able to play basketball half way through the season. I finished high school and went on to play basketball at Brookdale Community College.
Although, my visits with Professional Orthopaedic Associates did not end in high school. Dr. Johnson treated several more visits throughout college for various injuries. One injury included a tear to my meniscus of my other knee. So, the process repeated it self to get me through the season with rehab, then correct the tear with surgery after the season. My second arthroscopic knee surgery with Dr. Johnson was in the Toms River Surgery Center. Recovery again was very smooth, and I am happy to say I do not currently have any more knee troubles. Dr. Johnson, the staff at Professional Orthopaedic Associates, and the surgery centers are very professional, and have their patient’s care and safety first in mind. I would definitely recommend Dr. Johnson and Professional Orthopaedic Associates." -- Kimberly C.

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