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"I want to thank Dr. Jason Cohen and the staff at Professional Orthopaedic Associates for the care and support that I received throughout my procedure. From the time of my first phone call for my initial visit, to the most recent post-surgery check-up, I never felt as a “number,” but as someone as important as a family member. Dr. Cohen was very compassionate to the pain I was feeling as well as making me feel more at ease with the surgical procedure that was inevitable. The pain from the collapsed disc was so unbearable, that whenever I would cough or laugh, the pain would bring me to tears. As instructed by Dr. Cohen, the physical therapy made the recovery from the removing of the disc and the fusion of the two vertebrae very fast. It has now been over 2 years after the surgery, and I’ve never felt better. My husband reminds me that the scar from the incision is virtually invisible. Once again, thank you to a wonderful doctor and staff!!" -- Dawn D.

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