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"On two different occasions, Professional Orthopaedic Associates came to my rescue. Dr. Foos repaired my knee. His diagnosis was correct and that I did not need a knee replacement. My knee is great now. I no longer have pain or swelling. Dr. Torpey did surgery on my fractured hip following a fall. He did emergency surgery at Monmouth Medical at 1:00 a.m., on a weekend. I was home 12 hours later. Both Dr. Foos and Dr. Torpey were professional and concerned about my well being. I had no scars from the procedures. People can't believe I have 3 pins in my hip with a tiny scar as proof of the operation. I never hesitate to recommending both doctors to anyone looking for orthopaedic care. Monmouth Medical provided therapy on-site prior to my release." -- Chris T.

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