Personalized partial knee replacement allows for quicker recovery, less pain

Allowing a patient’s healthy bone, cartilage and ligaments to remain intact, a customized partial knee replacement provides patients with a more natural-feeling knee than a total knee replacement.

“Using personalized MAKOplasty technology, we are able to selectively target and resurface the specific areas of a patient’s knee that are damaged,” explains Dr. Mark W. Gesell, knee surgeon at Professional Orthopaedic Associates. “This provides patients with quicker recoveries, less stiffness, less pain and greatly improved range of motion following surgery, compared to those who undergo a traditional total knee replacement.”

Inner knee pain related to arthritis had begun to affect Toms River resident Marion Pallan’s ability to work and maintain her active lifestyle.

“I dealt with aching pain in my left knee for more than two years,” Pallan says. “But after tearing my meniscus while running down the stairs, my pain became unbearable, keeping me up at night and forcing me to stay home from work to ice my knee.”

Pallan’s X-rays showed significant damage from arthritis in only certain parts of her knee, so Dr. Gesell recommended a personalized partial knee replacement to repair the damaged areas, leaving Pallan’s healthy bone and cartilage in place.

“This procedure provided Marion with a smooth return to work and her active lifestyle,” Dr. Gesell says. “She was back on her feet immediately following surgery and returned to exercise and work with no pain less than six weeks after her surgery.”

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