At Professional Orthopaedic Associates, our magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) service is provided at our Tinton Falls location.

MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is a medical imaging technique used to visualize detailed internal structures. It uses powerful magnetic fields and radio waves to produce three-dimensional images of the body. MRIs provide good contrast between different soft tissues of the body that may not be detected as well through X-rays or CAT scans. MRIs are the preferred diagnostic test for many orthopaedic injuries, such as ligament and tendon injuries, joint degeneration, and bony pathology.

An MRI is a harmless, noninvasive test that uses a strong magnetic field and radiofrequency waves to produce images of the inside of your body. The scans are very safe, and there is no radiation exposure.

About Our Open MRI

At Professional Orthopaedic Associates, our specialists primarily use the GE ONI open extremity MRI. This allows our doctors to obtain full diagnostic results in an accurate and speedy manner for our patients.

Our open MRI is one of a very few available in the area and is the preferred choice for our patients who are claustrophobic and for our younger athletes. It is quiet, quick, comfortable, and convenient for our patients.

Patients requiring an MRI of the hand, wrist, elbow, foot, ankle, or knee benefit from a non-claustrophobic experience. Our Ortho-One MRI machine offers high-quality images and eliminates the risk of repeat scans.

Preparing for an MRI Scan and What to Expect on Your Examination Day

  • Please inform your MRI scheduling representative if you have a pacemaker, metal fragments in your eyes or body, or types of aneurysm clips and implants.
  • Most MRI scans take about 30 minutes each. Some parts of the body may take up to 45 minutes. If you are having three or more scans done, you may want to consider scheduling them on separate days.
  • You may wear normal street clothes as long as they do not contain any metal, including zippers, snaps, buttons, and metallic thread. You will also be asked to remove all jewelry, glasses, dentures, loose change, wallets, bank or credit cards, wigs, etc.
  • If you are on medications, you can continue to take them as prescribed. If you have pain medication, you should also take these so your exam will be more comfortable, as you will have to lie still during the exam.
  • When ready for your MRI, you will be asked to sit on a chair. The chair will then move the part of the body being scanned to the center of the magnet. You will hear a loud knocking/buzzing as you are being scanned. Due to the loud noises you will be given earplugs to wear.
  • If you are claustrophobic, please inform the digital imaging technician. There are medications that can be provided for you to make you more at ease. If you are in need of this medication, you will need to have someone available to drive you the day of your exam. Please keep in mind that we will do everything we can to keep you as comfortable as possible.

If you have any questions regarding MRI scans or would like to schedule your MRI, please call Professional Orthopaedic Associates at (732) 530-4949 at Ext. 260 or 221 or use the appointment request form.

Professional Orthopaedic Associates has ACR Accreditation. Please use the links provided to learn more.