Narcotics Information

At Professional Orthopaedic Associates, we are dedicated to helping our patients restore function, improve range of motion, and get back to pain-free living. For certain injuries and conditions, surgery or the use of pain medicines are the most viable options for helping our patients live without limits. 

Our doctors and staff understand that postoperative recovery and major orthopaedic injuries can have some associated pain, and we work with our patients to determine the safest and most effective means to manage pain and/or postoperative discomfort.  

You may be prescribed opioid pain medications, or narcotics, immediately following your surgery or if you’ve had a major injury. Narcotics are not a solution to long-term or chronic pain and carry a number of health risks with prolonged usage.

Learn More About Prescription Safety

For more resources from the AAOS regarding opioids, access the AAOS Pain Relief Toolkit by following the link below.

AAOS Pain Relief Toolkit