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Thank you for choosing Professional Orthopaedic Associates for your care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles.

In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

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Patient Video Reviews

“Several members of my family have had to see Dr. Johnson for a variety of injuries. He performed surgery on my hand many years ago. He recently accepted me as a patient once again after having emergency surgery on my arm while on vacation in another state. He takes his time with you, is thorough, easy to talk to and explains everything clearly. The patient's welfare always comes first. The staff is friendly and very accommodating.”
Margaret K.
“Dr. Torpey, I have not heard from you in a few years. I hope you are doing well, my parents tell me you have not changed one bit. I wanted to reach out and thank you very sincerely for the care you have given my mom while she has been dealing with her injury. On a weekly basis she has had nothing but spectacular things to say about you and your bedside manner. You inspired me to become a surgeon years ago, and you continue to impress and give me the drive to become better with each patient that I see. I cannot thank you enough for the attention you have paid my family, we are lucky to have you caring for us. Happy holidays! Sincerely, Anthony”
Anthony P.
“Dear Dr. Gentile and crew, Thank you for helping me with my injured finger! I can now go back to gripping the weights that help me to help others reach their fitness goals! Ken ”
Ken P.
“Dear Dr. Bade, I wanted to thank you from my heart in regards to seeing me and having an MRI done this past Monday. I am happy with the positive news that surgery is not necessary. If I had to get surgery, I thought at least, I’d get the really cool Harry Bade “HB” magic marker signature on my knee like my son did. Thank you for your outstanding skill and kindness. ”
M B.
“Dr. Mark Gesell has helped me on several occasions. An excellent, experienced physician and gentleman, he is also careful, patient and kind. He is cautious, and it does not advise unnecessary treatments. I have known him for years because he was my student during my career as a high school teacher. He comes from a beautiful family. Then, as now, I am pleased to recommend him without reservation and wish him all the best with his career.”
Winifred S.
“Dr. Saleh did an excellent job repairing my right shoulder. The procedure was long as there was a lot to improve. The result is after 14 weeks I have almost 100 % mobility in my right arm, and my strength in that arm is now more than the left! I have two more weeks of PT, and then I'll continue to do exercises at home. Considering the extent and size of the tears in my shoulder, it is due to Dr. Saleh's surgery techniques that I can have improved as much and as quickly as I have. Thank you, Dr. Saleh!”
Debbie T.
Treated by: Jason R. Saleh, MD
“After several months of living with pain. After seeing a chiropractor, having physical therapy, and trying acupuncture, nothing was helping. I sought care from Dr. Cohen. I couldn't look up, down, or to the side. After MRI, Dr. Cohen determined I had three herniated discs, and I could try epidural shots, but that would only be a temporary band-aid. He recommended that I needed surgery to repair three discs in my neck. He would insert a plate and screws. He took the time along with Adrienne his nurse (which seems to be his right-hand person) to explain in detail what I would experience before, during, and after surgery. Dr. Cohen explained to my husband after surgery that he couldn't believe how much pain I was tolerating. I was bone on bone. After surgery, it was a rough week; each day got better. I'm here one year later, pain-free, complete range of motion, working out five times a week and feel great. I owe all of it to Dr. Cohen. I feel like he saved me. ”
Debra S.
“Been relying on Dr. Foos and the POA staff for over 20 years. Would recommend any other practice. Thank you again. ”
Bob M.
“Dr. Gabisan is an excellent doctor. He is compassionate and takes his time with you. He explains your issues in an understanding and transparent manner. He then advises you on the best course of action, but the decision is yours to make. I have recommended a few people to him, and they have been very pleased with him. ”
Sandra C.