At Professional Orthopaedic Associates, new and improved digital X-rays are now available in our offices at the time of your appointment. 

A digital X-ray is a form of X-ray imaging where digital X-ray sensors are used in place of traditional photographic film to take pictures of your skeletal system. Our new digital X-ray imaging system is faster, emits less radiation, and provides computer-generated images that are stored for seven years.

If a recent X-ray has been taken for your injury or condition, please bring the films or disk with you on the day of your appointment.

If you are unable to bring your previous films with you OR if your previous X-ray is incomplete or of inferior diagnostic quality, you may need a new X-ray to properly evaluate your condition.

To schedule an appointment, please call (732) 530-4949.

If you have any questions regarding our digital X-ray service, please call (732) 530-4949 and ask for the X-ray department (Ext. 220).