Calling All Coaches . . . When Older Joints Need Some Care

By Mark W. Gesell, MD, FACS


Generally, the high school athletic population does not need to worry about chronic hip or knee pain. However, for some coaches and parents, chronic hip or knee pain can sneak up on you and affect your daily life. There are now more options than ever for partial and total joint replacements that help get you back to doing what you love without pain.

Dr. Mark Gesell of Professional Orthopaedic Associates is one of the first orthopaedic surgeons in New Jersey to offer total hip replacements, partial knee resurfacing, and total knee replacements using a robotic-assisted surgical procedure called MAKOplasty®.

The innovative use of the MAKOplasty technology takes joint resurfacing to a new level of precision with the creation of a three-dimensional view of the patient's bone surface. The surgeon controls the robotic arm, which allows for greater accuracy when placing the implants. This procedure is less invasive and more precise than traditional total joint replacements.   

Dr. Gesell says, “Patients have a more rapid recovery with minimal hospitalization. There is reduced pain, a smaller scar, better motion, and a more ‘natural’ feeling knee. In summary, MAKOplasty knee and hip surgeries allow patients a less invasive replacement with quicker recoveries and better outcomes.”