Herniated Discs Can Be Debilitating

By Jason D. Cohen, MD, FACS


A disc is a shock-absorbing cushion that sits between each vertebrae of the spine.  If the disc gets herniated, a part of the disc may lean on the sensitive spinal nerves causing pain.  Dr. Jason Cohen, a spinal specialist at Professional Orthopaedic Associates, suggests conservative treatment.  The initial recommendations usually include physical therapy, ice and/or heat, anti-inflammatories, activity modification and, potentially, steroid injections. 

If conservative measures fail, surgical treatment may be suggested.  “After a disc repair, many patients can return to normal activities within six weeks,” says Dr. Cohen.  “My objective is to relieve pain and restore mobility so that my patients can return to the activities that they enjoy.”  Dr. Cohen also says that people can take precautions to prevent a herniated disc from occurring in the first place by maintaining a healthy weight, using proper lifting techniques, practicing good posture and improving hip joint and hamstring flexibility.

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