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Thank you for choosing Professional Orthopaedic Associates for your care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles.

In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

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Patient Video Reviews

“My experience with Dr. Plyler was very good.”
– Maria Z.
Treated by: Ryan J. Plyler, MD
“Dr. Plyler is an exceptional doctor. Very caring, professional, and an amazing knowledgeable doctor. The staff is very knowledgeable in all aspects of what is needed for the patient and makes the checking in and out of the office visit an easy one. I highly recommend Dr. Plyler and this orthopedic practice.”
– Regina U.
Treated by: Ryan J. Plyler, MD
“Dr. Lusk-Cáceres is professional, knowledgeable, and caring. It is a pleasure to come to Orthopedic Associates.”
– Ann C.
“Dr. Lusk-Cáceres was very friendly and thorough and took care of my knee issue. I felt very confident in her diagnosis.”
– Donna R.
“Dear Dr. Gabisan, I write this letter to express my gratitude for the wonderful experience I received through my recent surgery on my foot. From the first day I scheduled my initial appointment to today, I have been treated by all members of your staff in the most professional, compassionate and kind manner possible. Once it was decided I was going to have surgery, Lisa Strydio took over. You truly have a gem to be treasured there! Lisa is extremely professional, efficient and personable in coordinating the numerous facets needed for a smooth experience. In addition to what a patient my expect as routine in scheduling surgery, Lisa on numerous occasions went above and beyond by placing that extra call to assure I had taken care of things I was required to do (IE pre-authorizations), confirmed I knew the facility and date and time of the procedure. She not only made me fee confident there would be no issues for surgery, she also make me feel like she personally cared about this being as painless as possible for me. I also had the pleasure of working with Roz for my Aflac paperwork. Having never filed a claim, I found the system somewhat cumbersome and Roz was quick to explain and do all she could to help smooth the process for me assuring me the benefit I received. All the women in the front office always have a smile on their face and do everything they can to make the patient’s feel welcome. There are no truer works that “the doctor is only as good as the staff that supports him/her” and clearly you have the “BEST”. Working in a customer service position myself, I can confidently say I’m sure their job is often not a “fun” one and there can be much injustice they endure. Clearly they are happy doing what they do and as such offer the most wonderful and welcoming professional office experience I have ever encountered. Please share my thanks with them! To you I say special thanks for your kind, compassionate and superior skillful talent as a surgeon! I will always refer patients and will be back myself for foot #2!!”
– Nancy O.
“Ryan Plyler is a professional who truly cares for the condition of his patients. He fits right in with this practice.”
– Tom S.
Treated by: Ryan J. Plyler, MD
“Professional exceptional medical advice.”
– Robert F.
Treated by: Ryan J. Plyler, MD
“There was very little waiting time from when I arrived. Dr. Plyler was professional, detailed, thorough, and cared about my issue. I was thrilled with his advice and medical expertise.”
– Peter S.
Treated by: Ryan J. Plyler, MD
“To the Staff at POA, Professional Orthopaedics is, indeed, professional. All the way. 200% My journey of gratitude must begin with Roz Smith who was the first to listen and act on my agonizing complaints of excruciating pain. Thank you, Roz, for providing me with the immediate appointment that saved me from undergoing an extensive repair surgery. Next to Dr. Gabisan to whom I will forever by indebted. Thank you for your excellent expertise and for being so immediately attentive to the misdiagnosis I received at the hospital. Your compassionate, caring and unbelievable bedside manner is what I so proudly boast about whenever the opportunity arises. I can sing your praises forever and that will not be enough!! You never rush and you treat all of your patients with the utmost respect and dignity. My God Bless you 100 fold. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Christopher Johnson for his excellence in diagnosing two previous hand injuries. Your conservative approach and attentiveness will forever be appreciated. Next, a very special thank you to the physical therapy staff. Stephanie and Maria you are both amazing. Thank you so much for being so accommodating with all the scheduling issues. You are always so compassionate and kind. To Ila Fortuna, thank you for your unending patience in giving me back the use of my hands when I was not even able to tear open a packet of Splenda. Your calming and caring demeanor is what got me through so many difficult and frustrating days when I could barely hold a coffee cup or tear a check out of my checkbook! You are a loving and caring to your patients and I never stop singing your praises as well. God Bless you, Ila. And to physical therapists Cynthia Massagli and Sheela Iyer, what can I say other than I remain forever indebted for your fine expertise, unending patience and compassion. Thank you for teaching me how to walk and be mobile again after two months of being housebound. Thank you for the constant encouragement which has been crucial to my recovery. What a joy to be free finally of the scooter, walker, boo, etc. To the wonderful people at the front desk, the x-ray techs, the billing staff and everyone at POA…my deepest and most sincere thanks! Your office will forever be the choice of my family and friends who all share the same sentiments as I do. With sincere warmest regards.”
– Carmela S.
“I couldn´t have been more thrilled about my half year´s tourist visa. A dream came true. Two months into traveling, I slid off a rock at Yosemite NP and broke my foot. The dream turned into a nightmare. Over the next three days, my foot´s x-rays were examined by three different doctors: an emergency doctor, a radiologist and an orthopaedist. In the end I was told that there was a heel fracture that would heal by itself. I wasn´t willing to give up on my traveling plans yet and figured I could let the foot heal for some weeks while staying with friends in New Jersey. Those friends, when they heard my story, immediately recommended Professional Orthopaedic Associates for me to have a second (fourth) opinion. Dr. Gabisan knew right away that this was a serious injury and surgery was needed. He identified a dislocated tendon as part of the problem even before the CT scan confirmed it. I did not like what I heard, in fact, I was deeply shocked. But the clear, calm and unwavering way in which Dr. Gabisan delivered that bad news made me trust in his expertise right away. I underwent surgery and two weeks later, looked at the new x-rays. There are no words for the relief and joy that I felt when I saw with my own eyes that everything inside my foot was back in place. I cannot even begin to think what my further life would have looked like, had I believed the first doctors and let the foot be. Most likely, my mobility would have been limited for the rest of my life. I´m an active person: being out there in nature, hiking and climbing, means the world to me. But it wasn´t only the fact that Dr. Gabisan fixed the foot so beautifully. During a time of emotional turmoil, he and his team took care of me with so much kindness and gentle patience that I cannot help but feel the deepest of gratefulness. Sometimes a smile, an open ear and the willingness to explain things for a third time, when a patient feels upset, stressed and confused, seem just as important as medical expertise and surgical skills. I felt seen as a person with a story, with tremendous anxieties and hopes, not just "the fractured heel". After three doctors screwed it up, I was fortunate enough to find Dr. Gabisan to screw me together. Even though my travels are over for the time being, I know now that I will be able to travel again and explore new places of beauty and wonder on two healthy and strong feet. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to a wonderful team, to a doctor who has clearly had a vocation for doing exactly what he does, for the benefits of everyone lucky enough to discover this practice. Dear. Dr Gabisan, you will always be my he(el)ro.”
– Heike B.