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David R. Gentile, MD, FACS

Verified Patient Rating: 5 (203 patient reviews and ratings)

The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Gentile.

“Dear Dr. Gentile and Staff, About ten days ago our 13 year-old son, Joey, collided with a base runner during a baseball game. He broke his front tooth and his left thumb. With the remainder of his soccer and baseball seasons hanging in the balance, he was extremely anxious to see a doctor for a prognosis. Most offices wanted to put us off for a couple of days, but the uncertainty was driving him crazy! Dr. Gentile agreed to see him on a Tuesday in the Toms River office even though he was not seeing patients that day. For our stressed familys first experience with anything like this, your office has been amazing to us! From Tina, who got us the appointment immediately to caring Verna at the office to Sherry who has gone above and beyond producing notes that my son 'forgot' to Dr. Gentile, who took the time out of what, I am sure, is an already packed schedule, to see a frightened, anxious 13 year-old boy. Absolutely everyone has been such a pleasure, every step of the way! Then two weeks later, our other son also broke his thumb. Someone suggested that I should see a doctor in my plan. I said without hesitation, 'No, that other office was not understanding or accommodating. I have had such a great experience with Dr. Gentiles office that I dont want to go anywhere else. We will make it work to stay with them.' I just really wanted to pass along how much your kindness has meant to my family. Your office came through when not many would, but you did so with smiling faces and compassionate hearts. I cant thank you enough and, if our luck should turn again, there is no other place I would trust with my familys health!!!”
– The Pelliccio Family
“... thank you for having such a "good bedside manner" with Christine today. She really likes you. I know she has been playing through a lot of pain since she returned to field hockey. She felt her knee injury wasn't significant enough to complain about or disappoint her coach and teammates. She felt relieved today when she left the office knowing it was the right thing to do to stop and allow her injury to heal. Thank you.”
– J. Betterly
“Dr. Gentile, Thank you for putting my wrist back together. I know it was done with careful attention to optimal healing. I get better everyday, thanks to your expertise. Thank you.”
– John K.
“Dr. Gentile, Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to experience what the field of orthopaedics is really like. I am very grateful that you allowed me to work with you for the past eight weeks. You explained so much and really included me during the appointments. I was able to absorb information and have experiences that I could never get from a classroom. You were truly a great mentor! Thank you of accommodating my schedule. I appreciate the efforts you made to allow me to accompany you into surgery. It was something I really wanted to see! I'm glad my memories of my first surgeries will have been with you. I had a lot of fun, and I will take this experience with me into my future. I believe that there will be a day in my career that I'll be working with a patient and remember something that I learned from you. Thank you again! This really meant so much to me.”
– Alison K.
“During the past 7 years, I needed surgery on both of my shoulders. From the beginning, Dr. Gentile provided guidance and support for my injuries. Each time he performed surgery, the discomfort and pain I experienced was eliminated. Dr. Gentile explained each procedure in detail, and spent the time to show me the x-ray and MRI pictures. giving me details on why surgery was recommended. Today, I enjoy a life without shoulder pain or discomfort.”
– Frank C.
“My story started May 2012, when my muscle on my left knee detached from my bone. I went to the ER first, then to Professional Orthopaedic Associates. I saw Dr. Gentile, who took a MRI. After seeing the results, he set a date to operate. All that I told him was that I did not want to know anything at the time of the operation. True to his word, I did not feel anything. I came out of the operation feeling good. His professionalism, knowledge, and compassion, made me feel safe and confidant at the follow-ups. He gave me confidence to dance and to walk on my leg again I would highly recommend Dr. Gentile and his staff for any orthopaedic needs. Thank you.”
– Robert P.
“I was getting ready for work early a.m. on 12/13. While putting my socks on, something happened to my left hip. I literally could not move an inch in any direction without extreme pain (never felt pain that intense in my life 62 years old). I thought I dislocated or broke the hip. My wife called 5 different orthopaedic offices, and no one would see me that day except Dr. Gentile. I had a walker in the house, was able to make it to the car, and my wife drove to the office.  Not only did Dr. Gentile see me that day, but he did not take my insurance. He said he would accept payment from my insurance, whatever it was, without additional charge to us. He took x-rays and his bedside manner was wonderful. I highly recommend Dr. Gentile!  It took 2.5 months, but with only the medication Dr. Gentile prescribed, the pain in my left hip totally disappeared!! Now I'm very careful whenever I put my socks on.”
– David S.
“Dr. Gentile treated my son for a broken hand. He and the staff took care of my son not only medically, but really showed that they cared for him, his injury, and post visits. The professionalism was outstanding. I have already recommended others to the doctor that treated my son. Thank you for what you did, and probably will be seeing you in the future - sports :)”
– Diane C.