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Thank you for choosing Professional Orthopaedic Associates for your care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles.

In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

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Patient Video Reviews

“I was in pain, and Dr. Foos was great; he helps me with my anxiety and sends me to Rehab. I needed no surgery; he guided me and assured me I would get better. Four months later I am pain-free, and Dr. Foos was correct; it took a little extra time to heal, and I am all better now. The staff is excellent so happy I was able to go to POA!”
– Giela J.
“Great experience. Friendly staff.”
– Sandra S.
“Had severe back pain due to disc herniation in my lower back couldn't walk or do much of anything for over three months. Dr. Cohen cleaned out the herniation and removed a bone spur that was on Jan. 11th. Feeling great now, I'm thrilled I had the procedure done. I feel great and am grateful for everything thanks so much!”
– William B.
“Excellent as always, Dr. Torpey is the best, would go nowhere else. Thank you!”
– Dorothy K.
“Great doctor and staff.”
– John S.
“He was very patient and informative.”
– Cristina D.
“Only the best there is!”
– John W.
“Dear Dr. Gesell, Just a short note with a huge thank you to you and all of your staff. Everything everyone said would happen, did happen, promptly and professionally. You all have changed my life for the better. Thanks again and never change what you are doing.”
– Lyle S.
“In acute pain and without an appointment I arrived at the office the Monday after New Years Eve rather desperate for help, and gratefully, Dr. Bade saw me quickly. After an in-office X-ray, he immediately got me relief with medication and arranged an MRI and subsequent appointment with Dr. Barry Swick. Once the pain had eased I was able to go ahead with Dr. Swick who further evaluated my diagnosis with nerve testing and recommended Ron Weiss, Physical Therapist.  I am continuing with the PT, which seems to help, and will consult again with Dr. Swick for a follow-up. It is the third time I have sought help with your skilled physicians. Dr Bade surgically corrected my left, rotator cuff in 2006 (which now functions well in my busy life) and advised me how to ease a meniscus tear in 2015. In each instance I felt complete confidence in Dr. Bade's expertise and advice and thank him for his wisdom at a time I was feeling such dire stress and pain. That is when you need a hero and he came through.  So, thank you, Dr. Harry Bade and Dr. Barry Swick, for your care and professionalism, and to your kindly staff. Thank you so much.”
– Maureen B.
“Dr. Gesell helped me to feel confident about the surgeries that he would perform. He explained the surgical procedure and what I should expect after as far as mobility and pain levels as the healing time progressed. His demeanor made me feel sure that I had the correct doctor for each of my procedures. He first performed a total hip replacement which I had put off for much too long. I now have a well-performing hip that makes me feel like I have the bone of a 15-year-old. Dr. Gesell also fixed the tears in my right shoulder. He told me what to expect after the surgery and how long my recovery would take. Now I have a pain free shoulder. Dr. Gesell is also treating me for my right knee which has a tear and some arthritis. He has done two injections that have helped immensely, although I do know that somewhere down the line I will need a knee replacement, he has assured me that we can wait until that procedure is necessary for the quality of life which I do have at this point with the injections. Thank you, Dr. Gesell”
– Nancy N.