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Thank you for choosing Professional Orthopaedic Associates for your care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles.

In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

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Patient Video Reviews

"Had been to another doctor from a huge local practice a few days prior. What a world of difference! Dr. Gabisan actually greeted me and asked me questions re: how I had  broken both of my ankles. Then, amazingly enough, he actually touched my foot and also asked me if I could wiggle my toes! He explained that I would have more bleeding and not to be concerned. He also told me to take aspirin to lessen the possibility of blood clots. I couldn't have been more pleased with his professionalism and his excellent care. The previous doctor couldn't get out of the room quickly enough!" – Lorraine T.
"This was my 3rd surgery with Dr. Foos. As usual, Dr. Foos was great and the whole process was quick, efficient and virtually pain-free. I was back on court playing tennis in 6 weeks." – Amanda F.   
"My experience with Dr. Gabisan has been very positive. After an unfortunate fall and in a great deal of pain Dr. Gabisan was gentle and kind while examining and diagnosing my fractured ankle. He explained in detail the extent of my injury and did what he could to make my injury tolerable by prescribing the necessary medical equipment and medication to assist me in my recovery. I would feel comfortable referring him to my family and friends." – Joanne L.  
"Last year, I saw Dr. Bade because my right shoulder was bothering me. He ordered a CT scan, and after review prescribed physical therapy. The PT made a complete difference in how I felt... Dr. Bade indicated no further action was required at that time... I was very pleased that he did NOT jump on the chance to operate... it was obvious he had MY best interest in mind. Unfortunately, I damaged the shoulder further... this time I need surgery because the rotator cuff is in fact severely damaged. I have complete confidence in Dr. Bade, and look forward to getting back to my old self again." – Martin P. 
"I fell on my left arm and went to the ER with a follow up three days later with Dr. Johnson. Since my arm was still swollen, he was extremely patient and put a splint on my arm followed by a cast the following week. Dr. Johnson then put a removable splint on a few weeks later and recommended I go for physical therapy. I found Dr. Johnson very competent and knew exactly the proper course of action" – Robert F. 
"He takes all the time the world to go over you problem and the options. Easy to understand. Had one surgery and went well. Now planning the second to get me knees in good shape. Thanks." – Anthony G. 
"I had much pain in my knee. I knew it was a meniscus problem because I had been there with my other knee. My pain management doctor did a great job sending me for an MRI... and he tried to schedule me with another doctor. The appointment they gave him was to happen in 4 weeks. Four weeks of pain and using a cane... just to see a doctor really? So, I got Dr. Bade's name from a friend. I had an appointment in less than a week.... and surgery for my two tears and a shred... the very next week.   Great to find a staff and a doctor that cares." – Simone P. 
"I have been a patient of Dr. Foos for over 10 years. He performed surgery on both my shoulder and knee. I have found him to be a true professional. He has been both conservative and informative with my treatment. I will continue to see him with any other orthopaedic issues." – Bernadette D. 
"I broke my ankle and went the emergency room where another doctor examined me and told me I would need surgery but had to wait two weeks until the swelling went down. Luckily for me it gave me the time to look for another doctor and a friend recommended Dr. Gabison. I had him do my surgery two years ago and  he is the best doctor I have ever used. He is patient, competent, soft spoken, compassionate and a down to earth doctor. I would highly recommend him." – Rhoda L. 
"Dr. Johnson was fabulous! Very knowledgeable and explained every detail to my son! Took excellent care during and post for all the visits! Will definitely recommend him!" – Vonnie T.