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Thank you for choosing Professional Orthopaedic Associates for your care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles.

In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

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Patient Video Reviews

"Dr. Foos and his staff treated me with the personal care you sometimes do not get in the medical field any longer. Dr. Foos took the time to sit and speak to me not only about my injury but also about my medical history. He developed a plan for me and gave me all of my options for care and treatment and the choice was mine. It was not just a "lets go in and cut". I would recommend Dr. Foos as an example to all in the medical field. I feel like I have a friend when we speak and there is no fear or hesitation when going to a visit. A+A+A+ " – Richard W. 
"Dr. Gesell did a knee replacement on me and the experience was surprising. As with any surgery of this magnitude you expect a lot of pain. I had next to none which was very unusual according to a number of friends who had the same procedure. As a lot of people do, I put off the operation for fear of what I would have to go through. If you have to go through it this is the way to go. P.S.  I think the great x-rays taken at the office helped too!" – Tom S. 
"From the minute that I walked in I was treated very professionally. Dr. Johnson is the best doctor!!!" – Iturbe 
"Dr. Cohen did my back surgery. I had a pinched nerve and some disc problems which was causing extreme pain to my left leg. Surgery went very well! Shortly after back surgery, while recovering at home, I fell and broke my wrist.   Dr. Johnson did my wrist surgery. Surgery went very well! Happy to say I am back to life as normal with no pain." – Linda H. 
"I have been seeing Dr. Gentile for YEARS and I love him. He takes a measured approach and wants to try everything non-invasive first. My brother needed shoulder surgery this summer, he took my advice and saw Dr. Gentile who confirmed what everyone was telling him (much to his chagrin). Unfortunately, he's a good hour north and he found a doctor closer to home. But hearing it from someone he trusted, was all he needed. Dr. Gentile is never allowed to retire.  ;)" – Mary W.   
"I fell and broke my wrist. Scheduled surgery with Dr. Johnson at the Surgery Center and was well take care of before Dr. Johnson performed surgery. Afterwards, I was in a lot of pain and was well taken care of again at the Surgery Center. He put in a plate and 8 pins. It amazing my wrist is fine. I recommend Dr. Johnson, besides being a great surgeon he is a sweet person. Sounds silly, but that is how I think of Dr. Johnson—he's such a sweet person." – Linda H.
"I can't thank Dr. Bade enough for his professionalism as well as compassion. From my first visit, diagnosis, surgery and post-op care, Dr. Bade has been amazing. His staff is also very pleasant and helpful. I will definitely recommend Dr. Bade and his associates." – Sheryl L. 
"My injuries required a tag team effort from Dr. Gabisan and Dr. Gesell. After successfully repairing my fractured fibula, broken ankle, and torn patella tendon, I am on the long road to recovery and rehab. Both doctors I and the whole staff have been incredible the entire process! Always helpful and responsive addressing any questions or concerns and making sure my needs are met. I am glad I chose Professional Orthopaedic Associates!" – Barry W. 
"I have been with Professional Orthopedics and Dr. Foos for 16 years and find that he has been great in treating me for my knees, shoulder, and hip. I also see Dr. Gabisan for my right foot that has problems, and he has helped me along the way and he also has been great with me. I also have seen Dr. Swick, which I first had seen and helped me along the way. I have found the doctors and staff to be exceptional and I have recommended them to all my friends." -- Kathleen M. 
"Excellent care" -- Andrea V.