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Patient Video Reviews

Dear Dr. Johnson, I want to thank you for being so generous in performing my ACL surgery. I know that you are a very busy doctor and what you did for me was unbelievable. I am very confident that I am going to be able to return to baseball this spring. I am recovering well and doing my PT three times a week and I feel very optimistic about my college baseball career, thanks to you. ~Thank you again, Sincerely, Jordan B. Oakhurst, NJ
"Dear Dr. Bade, It has been a pleasure working with you over the past ten years! Every athlete that we evaluated together was an education for me, as you are a brilliant man. POA is truly the best. The care, dedication and expertise you bring to the Monmouth University athletes is amazing. I personally appreciate everything. You made my job easier because you care so much about the well being of the HAWKS!" ~ Doug Padron, ATC, San Diego, CA
Dallas Cowboys' wide receiver Miles Austin was in Monmouth County recently and he took a moment to acknowledge the doctors at Professional Orthopaedics. "The doc's at POA took care of me during my playing career at Monmouth University. They are the best." ~ Miles Austin, Dallas Cowboys
Dear Dr. Bade Phrases such as "gifted", "talented", "thankful", "compassionate", "confident" and "quality of life" are often taken for granted until they apply to your situation and they then take on a completely new meaning. When I had first met with you in January of this year, I had explained to you how I had been treated by other Orthopaedist over a period of 3 1/2 years for a "knee injury" and the various treatments that I had undergone and the constant pain and discomfort that I was experiencing. You showed a great deal of concern and compassion for my situation and began a thorough examination. It was not only the examination that impressed me but also the fact that you took the time to explain every step of the same to me. Within one hour of having met you, you were able to confirm, through the x-rays and examination, that my pain and injury were NOT directly related to my knee but rather the result of my left hip deterioration and that the proper treatment for the same was a complete left hip replacement. Prior to this, I had undergone physical therapy, shots in my knee and even a knee defragment procedure by other orthopaedists (over 3 1/2 years) and the issue of hip problems or a hip replacement never even arose. Instead of the pain getting less and less, it was continuing and now affecting my "quality of life" to the point that many of the activities that I enjoyed doing, could no longer be done. As the date for surgery was approaching, many of my friends and family members were asking me if I was scared or nervous and I would respond by telling them "Believe it or not, I'm not the least bit afraid but rather I am excited and anxious about getting my life back. I have the right orthopedist who is going to give that to me" and I was right because I now have a future once again. After having met you for only a short period of time, it was obvious to me that I had now found the right orthopedist to address the "quality of life" issues that I was experiencing. You and your staff explained to me the entire procedure and what to anticipate and expect with the same. More importantly, you were able to put my mind at ease and realize that there was "light at the end of the tunnel" in order to once again live and have quality of life. You are a very gifted and talented physician and orthopaedist and in my eyes you have given me back my quality of life that I had so much missed for the past several years. I had said to my wife on February 13, the day after surgery,when the nurses and physical therapist got me out of bed that it was the first time in over 3 years that I could actually walk WITHOUT ANY pain whatsoever. That is something that I did not ever think I would experience again. I felt that it was necessary to write to you and thank you for all that you have done for me and my family and to let you know that the gift that you have in treating patients is something very special and also something that this patient will never forget because it was due to your compassion, talent and gift that I once again have a quality of PAIN FREE life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ~ F. Roselli of South River, N.J.
Dr. Gesell, I have been a patient of Dr. Gesell's for approximately two years. He has performed two procedures for me on my left knee. He is an amazing surgeon and person. After the procedure, I have complete use of my knee and I am virtually pain free. Most importantly, Dr. Gesell always treated me with absolute professionalism - courtesy and respect. He listened to my concerns on both the pain and use of medications during and after the procedure. He devised a plan with me to address the process of leaving behind the use of pain medications in a medically safe way after healing. I would highly recommend or refer anyone to seek out his care for there specific orthopedic needs. ~ Michael T., Belford, NJ.
Dear Dr. Bade, I don't know whether the greater factor in what you have done for me is your incredible generosity or your wonderful surgical skills. To suffice it to say, no one has ever given so much of themselves for me. You truly implemented as well as motivated me to change my life physically. My appreciation for all you have done will never be underestimated or forgotten. Harry, you are one of the good guys. It is truly a blessing in my life to have you in it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ~ Nick W.
Dr. Johnson: On behalf of all parties involved, I would like to thank Dr. Johnson and the rest of his staff for helping Jordan Bell, a senior baseball player at Ocean HS, make it back to a sport he loves. Jordan is 4.5 months post op from ACL surgery. After passing functional tests and baseball drills he was cleared to play. His first games back to he went 3-for-4 with 3 doubles and a stand-up steal home on a passed ball. In his second game he went 1-for-3 with a double. To say that everyone is nothing but amazed would be an understatement. ~ John A. Desimini, ATC at Ocean Township High School
Dr. Gesell, From the time I called and made an appointment up until the time of surgery, I had felt support from Dr. Gesell and his staff, i.e.; Amanda Aversa, Lisa Vito, and Colleen Rackett. No question was too silly and they always made time to answer my questions. Dr. Gesell put me at ease at the first visit and my MRI revealed that I had a torn rotator cuff (in my shoulder). Dr. Gesell had me go to physical therapy first, but, the pain never subsided. It was my choice to have the surgery when I did. The entire experience went much better than I expected and having the surgery at the Surgical Center proved to be an excellent choice. The nurses were gracious and the anesthesiologist was impeccable. The entire procedure went smoothly. I had a nerve block put in before the surgery, which helped me to cope for the three days following the surgery. Recovery is a long process. There are good and bad pain days. I am having passive physical therapy now and see Dr. Gesell this Friday. Dr Gesell always stressed that recovery will take time...and patience is key. I would gladly recommend Dr "G" as a surgeon. He has definitely won me over with his skill as a surgeon and his ability to communicate to his patient and their family. ~ Ilona K. Atlantic Highlands, NJ.
Dr. Johnson, I again just needed say thank you for your incredible generosity towards Jordan. Your sincere unselfishness that you and your colleges extended towards my family will forever be remembered. I want you to know that it has impacted Jordan & me in that the "pay it forward" philosophy will continue with us. Jordan continues to do community service volunteering whether at the Food pantry, volunteering for his school and Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. He now has a very personal point of reference on how it feels to be the recipient of such acts of kindness. Also he hand wrote thank you letters to everyone involved. I am currently in volunteer training for Red Cross Shelter help and completed Hospice training. I especially look forward to participating in these organizations when all my kids head off to college in August. '" ,.. . Your good will never be forgotten.. ~ from the parents of Jordan in Ocean Township, NJ
Dear Dr. Bade, Too often in today's world all of us are quick to complain. I would feel remiss if I personally did not say "thank-you" for the two hip replacements that you performed on me over the past three years and most recently in Jan of this year. To say the least the success of these two total hip replacement operations has improved my quality of life. In addition I would like to say "thank-you" to the entire staff at Professional Orthopedic Associates for the way they treated me. This includes the front office staff, the X-ray technicians, the business personnel and a special "thank-you" to Patty Orlando. All personnel have treated me in the most professional standards and I as one have always appreciated this. Have a good day, keep the faith, and keep smiling. Sincerely, ~ A totally "hip" patient. Tom M.