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Patient Video Reviews

"Dear Dr. Bade, Each morning as I walk down my long driveway to retrieve my New York Times, I both say a prayer to God for the agility I have in making this trek, and to thank Him further for gifting you with the hands that made it possible. I am sure I am not in your memory, as you are a busy surgeon, but you remain in mine almost daily as I walk with a degree of grace and wear shoes with heels and can maintain my equilibrium. My full recovery did not set in until approximately two years after my operation, but the entire process from surgery to rehabilitation was so well coordinated and efficient that it led to me being pain free and a mobile woman once again. This short message has been running around in my head for a long time, and I am finally able to put my thoughts to paper, and want to once again say Thank You for the hard work you do in your profession, and for making me feel so "whole" again." ~ E. Haines of Brielle NJ
"Dear Dr. Bade, Thanks for a most excellent total right hip replacement one year ago. It works perfectly and you have given me the greatest gift, a pain-free, full nights sleep. I also deeply appreciate your prompt, expert and gracious completion of all the extra paperwork  reports, records, letters- occasioned by the fact that mine was a motor vehicle accident case. Your genial staff, including Patty, Colleen, Dolores, Debbie and both Kevins, is first rate at their work and make your office run like a clock. I recommend your practice at every opportunity." ~ Nancy M. Red Bank, NJ
"Dear Dr. Gabison, I was referred to you buy the trainer at TRHS South. I have had nothing but genuine care and concern in the treatment of my daughter, Katie. Your office has been extremely professional and extremely generous, in that your group is out of network, yet you continue to work with us financially. Roseanne and John are assets there in your office as I see it!" Thank you again, ~ Lisa H., Toms River, NJ
"Dear Dr. Torpey, Thank you for your support and care through my ankle injury. I am happy to report that, with your help, I am 100%. Everyone at the office was very friendly which really helped to make my recovery a positive experience." Thanks Again, Brendan B.
"Dear Dr. Torpey, Thank you so much for everything! I truly appreciate all of your kindness! I will never forget what you've done for me." ~ M. Benard
"Dear Dolores, (Dr. Bade's Billing Specialist) Thank you very much for your courtesies and patience. Please tell Dr. Bade that the arthroscopic surgery on my shoulder was very successful and my golf game has improved. Though I do not get as much distance, I am much more accurate and my game is one of course management and my score is lower. Again, thank you very much to you and all of the pleasant and friendly staff in your office." ~ Frederick K. of Matawan, NJ
"The proof is in the video of me skiing- spinal fusion works! Dr. Cohen, thank you so much! In June, I couldn't walk, then I had my surgery. In July I rode my bike 20 miles after spinal surgery. By Labor day, I jogged a half mile. In September I was able to jog to a run at least two miles and I was swimming every other day. I started back skiing in December and I was able to be aggressive right from the get-go, powder skiing most of the winter, then onto being aggressive in the bumps, but slow! The biggest believer out there is me!!" Thanks again, ~ Tim H. Sea Girt, NJ
"Dr. Johnson, When I first walked into your office, my shoulder hurt so bad, I was limping! Okay, that's a tad over dramatic, but you get my point. But it was all good from that point on. From the concern and efficiency of your front desk staff to the support and patience of Calla Chizan, I felt well taken care of by the administrative staff. And Carod Dolan seemed to make my treatment her #1 priority whenever I called. The medical team in Tinton Falls that I dealt with were outstanding. From nurses to x-ray techs the care and concern demonstrated were highly appreciated. I am sorry I can't remember their names. A special mention for "Sarah" (I hope I got that right. I wasn't exactly sharp that day.), the pre-op nurse at the surgical center. She was professional, efficient and re-assuring to a pretty frightened, uptight individual that day. And last, but NOT least, thank you for being so good at what you do. I am well on my way back to 100%. I can not thank you, and your team enough." ~ M. McInerney, Matawan, NJ
"Dr. Torpey, I would like to take this time to thank you for the care and treatment you provided for my daughter, Carly. I appreciate the quick and accurate diagnosis, especially since Carly had been "shopping" around for ten months hoping someone would correctly diagnosis her problem. It was extremely frustrating for her to continually explain her symptoms and have spent over four months in PT without any improvement. Also, thank you for moving up her second surgery. There is never a good time for surgery, but as a parent, knowing her medical insurance expired the end of August made things a little uneasy. (After her first surgery, and before knowing you were able to move up her second procedure, I extended her insurance until the end of October). In addition, I knew her time in New Jersey was probably limited. As you have seen, she is doing fantastic during her recovery and rehab is going absolutely great! Hopefully she'll land a job and get back to her running soon!" ~ B. Salvadore, Holmdel, NJ
"I know it has been a long time coming; however I wanted to show my appreciation for everything you have done for me and my family. It was a welcomed surprise when you forgave the balance of the bill we owed to you. After my rehab last summer, as you by now I am sure know, Matawan went on to the State Championships. Although we lost, I owe my season to you and I want to thank you whole heartedly. I will be leaving on Thursday to begin football camp a the University of New Hampshire. This is a new chapter of my life that I am looking forward to beginning. ~ Sincerely, Jared "Young Vick" Allison." , Matawan, NJ