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Thank you for choosing Professional Orthopaedic Associates for your care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles.

In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

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Patient Video Reviews

"I was having sharp pain in my left shoulder. I had a MRI and x-ray done to indicate tendon/muscle damage. Dr. Foos assures that surgery was unnecessary. He answered every question I had BEFORE I ASKED IT!!! Excelled experience." -- Clem S.
"I had a total hip replacement on September 5, 2014 at Monmouth Medical Center. It has now been nine weeks since my surgery, and my hip feels GREAT! I was diagnosed about four years ago, needing the replacement, and for reasons, waited till recently and now wish I had not. Every aspect of this experience has gone just as he explained to my wife and me. It has been an extremely easy and fast recovery. Soon I'll be 49 years old, and unfortunately, as you know suffer from a multiple of serious back, nerve, and spinal problems. I have for 20 years now and had back surgery in 1995. I am mention this because along with these back problems comes my fair share of doctors and office staff over the years. I have never been treated so GREAT by any other medical practice in all my years of experience. You not only made me feel safe, secure, and confident in your abilities, sparring no time with me, dealing with our questions and or concerns. Dr. Gesell made sure my wife was kept informed, and was at ease while he operated on me seeing to her as soon as he was done. Dr. Gesell started my operation about noon. I was awake and in my room speaking with him by 5:00, and walking the floor with the therapist by 5:30. I walked the entire 6TH floor, not just the 20 or 30 steps were expected of me. I was in amazement. I had NO HIP PAIN, NO GROIN PAIN, and NO POPPING AND CLICKING SOUNDS. Everything that was paining me from the hip was gone. HEY, look at me! I'm walking like a normal person. I had physical therapy once the next morning, and was home relaxing in my recliner by noon, just REMARKABLE! I would like to take this opportunity to say to Dr. Gesell, thank you so very much! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! My hip is FIXED, and I know I'm on the road to a full recovery with it. As for the staff and Professional Orthopaedic Associates, to all, we say THANK YOU, and you are all just as the name reads "PROFESSIONAL." I'd like to acknowledge Courtney, the billing manager. You made this surgery possible, helping me to overcome my insurance issues, sparring no time with me to listen to my concerns. It was just amazing. You went above and beyond and we are very grateful. Also to Amanda, the surgical coordinator, thank you for all your help and follow-up. So often you'll hear about doctors and their staff not being up to par. Such things as the doctor has no bed side manners, no compassion, treats you like just another claim form into insurance, always late, takes forever to get an appointment, and the staff is rude or just plain BLAH. Based on my experiences with you, Dr. Gesell and Professional Orthopaedic Associates, these stereotypes just don't exist here. Again, you all are just as the practices name says, and always showing great concern. Just at my last office visit, while waiting in the main area, along with others waiting to be seen, a very pleasant staff member came out just to say good morning to everyone waiting, and then asked if anyone would care for a cold or hot beverage while waiting or the use of restroom. It was just remarkable customer service. My wife has worked in the medical industry for about thirty years for surgeons, and is in amazement in the operation of your practice. We are so very happy with Dr. Gesell and Professional Orthopaedic Associates." -- Gregory R.
"I have been a patient of Dr. Bade for at least nine years. I have nothing but great things to say about him. He is very professional, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable. No one could ever convince me to go anywhere else. He is the very best at what he does, and I constantly recommend him to everyone I know." -- Fortunate S.
"On October 2, 2013, I was playing soccer at Rowan University, when I twisted my knee in an awkward manner. My mother was able to call Professional Orthopaedic Associates and schedule a MRI, since I was previously a patient there already. I was able to have my MRI read the same day by Dr. Johnson, only to find out that I had torn my ACL. Since I was in college, we decided to put the surgery off until after Christmas. I went to physical therapy until the day of my surgery, December 27. After receiving ACL surgery early in the morning, I went back home where multiple people called to check in on me and see how I was doing. The first few weeks were tough, but with the help of Dr. Johnson and going to physical therapy, I was able to manage it and get back to walking normal in about a month. Soon after, I was able to get rid of my knee brace altogether and feel normal again. I did hit a few rough patches when something did not feel right in my knee. But thanks to Dr. Johnson, I was able to get an appointment very quickly. He had helped me figure out what was wrong and the problem was gone within a few weeks. On October 21, 2014, I was officially cleared to return to soccer and sports. I am now currently playing soccer again, and my knee is stronger then ever! I could not have done this process without the help of Dr. Johnson or the staff of Professional Orthopaedic Associates. I am very thankful for everything they have done over the past year!" -- Samantha G.
"Good and even better that my knee has healed." -- Tina D.
I'm pleasantly surprised and I say pleasantly because I did not expect the level of satisfaction I got from this office. I'm now retired from the corporate world and I find myself complaining how offices are terribly run and how, nowadays, people just don't care-most of them want to do the minimum required and could care less if client satisfaction is being provided.  A couple of years ago, I needed a shoulder specialist and by pure luck I decided to have Dr. David Gentile look at my shoulder.  Dr. Gentile took his time to explain in details what he was going to do to solve my problem.  He operated on my right shoulder and as he predicted, my shoulder was fixed.  A year later, while teaching soccer in the community, a kid ran into me and because my bad knee did not provide me the right balance, I feel and my other shoulder now needed to be repaired.  Dr. Gentile performed the operation and again he fixed it.  I decided to have a full knee replacement and to my regret, I did not call Dr. Gentile; I let my therapist convince me to see another surgeon- a mistake I regret and I'll never forget.  I found this new office to be rude; not to care about their patients and worse yet, I found the doctor to take the "I could care less attitude."  My knee replacement was a complete failure.  The insurance company gave me the permission to see a different doctor for a second opinion and at the same time they told me a revision was being negated.  I was not going to make the same mistake and this time I called Dr. Gentile for his recommendation - he recommended Dr. Mark Gesell.  On June 24, my revision took place.  While waiting for June 24, a family member got hurt.  I asked, once again, Dr. Gentile for his advice.  He recommended Dr. Glenn Gabisan and with no hesitation we went to him.  She got her procedure done and we are both in the recovery stage.  Dr. Gentile is now a key person for me - any problems I go to him and thanks to Dr. Mark Gesell, for the first time, I feel confident my knee will be fine.   Doctors, thank you very much; thanks to all of you I feel I'll be able to enjoy a normal life. Yours truly, Juan C.
Dear Dr. Bade, I want to thank you for my recent successful right shoulder surgery and also for my previous rotator cuff surgery on my left shoulder in 2010.  Both surgeries enabled me to be pain-free, with increased flexibility and mobility; not previously present. Any trained surgeon can do a good job; you however are an extremely articulate & skilled surgeon which has made all the different in my surgical outcome.  I thank you for your superior dedication, skills and knowledge of all the intricate complexities of this type of surgery. You are a hero in the orthopaedic field, making a difference in the lives of many people.   Thank you, Nancy G age 69, but feeling like 28!
Dr. Gentile,   Thank you, times two!  You are more than just an extraordinary doctor, but a gracious human being too.   The first thank you is for successfully treating my leg pain over the past two years.  Today I can resume my active lifestyle without stress and physical pain.   The second thank you is to express my appreciation for the incredible opportunity to shadow and observe surgery with you.  Changing my role as patient to student in your world, although brief, was an experience that made it definite to pursue a career in the healthcare profession.  I look forward to more observation opportunities with you.  Enjoy the rest of your summer.     Thank you, Caitlin A.
Dear Dr. Johnson:   I would like to thank you for your efforts in making our patient's experience the best possible.  Specifically, a patient mentioned you on the patient survey, the comments included "Grateful to Dr. Chris Johnson's care and expertise."   We take great pride in our medical and dental staff and you are an example of the reason why.   Sincerely, Frank V.
“Been remiss is getting to you. I wanted to thank all in the office of Professional Orthopaedic Associates for your kindness, professionalism, and demeanors. Everyone was pleasant and efficient from the front office to billing to nursing staff. Additionally, big thanks to Dr. Gesell who lived to his word. I asked if I could be dancing at my son’s wedding six weeks from my surgery on March 21 and he delivered! Again, thank you all and I would recommend your practice to anyone.” – Ken D.