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Patient Video Reviews

First and foremost THANK YOU. You have been my surgeon since I was sixteen years old, the age of my first ACL replacement. You have been my only option for anything orthopedic that needs to be done. You made my RT knee as good as new and in all actuality better than God had even intended it to be. Recently I needed to go in for yet another surgery, this time on my LT knee and I needed to have more screws placed into bones and more tendons used to repair damage. I cannot believe the progress I have made already, both on my own and with the assistance of you staff and the staff at Ivy Rehab. I truly believe that if it were not for your expertise and incredible attention to detail I would not be recovering as quickly as I am. I cannot imagine trusting my joints, ligaments, or body to any other Doctor, or to any other practice. I understand that long gone are m days of competitive Rugby, Football, and other high impact sports. I know that in time I will be back to bodybuilding and most regular activities I was used to being involved with. I appreciate you and your staff repairing Gods mistakes. This is how I view you. Some people say their Doctor is a God! I simply state my Doctor is not God & he just fixes Gods mistakes. I am thrilled with the work, the knee (while still painful) is coming along perfectly and I will be back to fighting condition soon. In closing; you are a master of your craft. I am thankful that at sixteen my parents had the wherewithal to choose you and that I had the mind to stay with you. THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!! ~ Kind regards, D. Albanese, Manchester, NJ
Please forward this email to the GREAT Dr. Harry Bade as he is the wizard who performed my partial knee replacement in 2005 and look at what I'm doing 5 years later. I sing the praises of Dr. Bade every time someone comments on how high I jump (not bad for a 46yr old, huh?). Because of you Dr. Bade, I continue to have great success with my career as an Early Childhood Music and Movement Performer/Educator!! THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH!!! Warm Regards, ~ Scott L. aka Mr. Scott The Music Man LLC
"Dear Dr. Foos, You performed a miracle with my knee  I feel great! Thank you for a successful surgery and for always being willing to answer questions and explain things." ~ Doris F. PS: Thank you also to your wonderful team, especially Jennifer, who always returns my calls and is patient with me, and to the rest of your professional and wonderful staff. Thank you!
"Dear Dr. Torpey, I am writing this letter to thank you. After seeing many other doctors, I had resigned myself to the fact that I would be spending the rest of my life in pain. Then I came to see you and it felt like such a huge burden had been lifted from me. You lifted my spirits and have given me something to look forward to, and have given me hope that you will find and fix the injuries that have been causing me all this pain. Thank you for listening to everything I said. Thank you for showing compassion and concern. Thank you for not timing your visit. I am very happy that I came to see you. I am giving your name to everyone I know who has any orthopaedic issues." ~ Victoria D.
"As an avid racquetball player, I have had many injuries over the years. I just can't say enough about Dr. Foos. Dr. Foos has successfully operated on me four times for bones spurs in my elbow and shoulder and also a knee arthroscopy. The staff was phenomenal and the surgery-center was just fantastic. They combined to make each experience very easy. I look forward to many more years on the racquetball court!" ~ M. DelCollo in Colts Neck NJ
"Dr. Gentile, I thank you so very much for your super presentation at Toms River East High School on sports injuries. It was truly an honor and a privilege for me to have you and the other presenters take time out of your very busy schedules to drive down to Toms River High School East. Additionally, I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to have you perform the surgery on my injured leg (ruptured patella tendon). You did a fantastic job and I will always be very grateful to you and Professional Orthopaedic Associates. Thank you again for all you have done." ~ R. Devito of Toms River, NJ
"Dr. Johnson, I am just so thankful that you fixed my knee. If it weren't for you, I don't think I'd be playing soccer for the Red Bulls right now. After my therapy, I started and lead my high school team to the states. I had the most assists in the league and was named to the honorable mention all county team. You and (PT) Sheila saved my soccer career. We just got finished playing with the U-17 US National team. I also went to Florida to play in a national showcase. If it weren't for you I wouldn't be experiencing all of these unforgettable moments. I'm really grateful for what you have done. Thanks again for everything!" ~ Sincerely, Chris G. Rutherford, NJ
"Dear Dr. Gentile and Staff, About ten days ago our 13 year-old son, Joey, collided with a base runner during a baseball game. He broke his front tooth and his left thumb. With the remainder of his soccer and baseball seasons hanging in the balance, he was extremely anxious to see a doctor for a prognosis. Most offices wanted to put us off for a couple of days, but the uncertainty was driving him crazy! Dr. Gentile agreed to see him on a Tuesday in the Toms River office even though he was not seeing patients that day. For our stressed familys first experience with anything like this, your office has been amazing to us! From Tina, who got us the appointment immediately to caring Verna at the office to Sherry who has gone above and beyond producing notes that my son 'forgot' to Dr. Gentile, who took the time out of what, I am sure, is an already packed schedule, to see a frightened, anxious 13 year-old boy. Absolutely everyone has been such a pleasure, every step of the way! Then two weeks later, our other son also broke his thumb. Someone suggested that I should see a doctor in my plan. I said without hesitation, 'No, that other office was not understanding or accommodating. I have had such a great experience with Dr. Gentiles office that I dont want to go anywhere else. We will make it work to stay with them.' I just really wanted to pass along how much your kindness has meant to my family. Your office came through when not many would, but you did so with smiling faces and compassionate hearts. I cant thank you enough and, if our luck should turn again, there is no other place I would trust with my familys health!!!" ~ The Pelliccio Family of Island Heights, NJ
"Dr. Johnson, I have to express my thanks for your work on my surgically repaired ankle. I have just returned from a two week trip to Japan (8 months after surgery for my broken leg) where I was able to keep up with people ten years younger than myself, walking all day, running for trains, over all terrain, huge flights of stairs, etc. You did a wonderful job and I certainly appreciate it." ~ Doris S. in Pompano, FL
"Dr. Bade, ... you did an ACL reconstruction with autograph on my left knee on the 21st of May 2009 and here it is only a few weeks later and I can already tell what a magnificent job you did. You surgically repaired my right knee 18 years ago with the same procedure and it is just as solid today as it was back then. I truly appreciate your hard work and due diligence. You are a master of your craft. I will say that thank God your surgical technique is better than your artwork or I would be in a world of trouble! LOL. Thank you so much!!" ~ Damian A. from Manchester, NJ