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Thank you for choosing Professional Orthopaedic Associates for your care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles.

In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

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Patient Video Reviews

“Come February 2010 it will be three years since I was the recipient of bilateral knee replacements at Riverview Medical Center. you were the "handy man" who performed the surgery. Prior to my surgery you asked what I most wanted to do when I got my "new knees". Although I had been an avid marathon runner I responded that what I truly wanted to be able to do again was dance with my eight grandchildren. By July of 2007, only five months post op, I was cutting a rug. I was so pleased I kept thinking to myself that I must write down how I felt about my decision to have the surgery and your expertise in performing the surgery and send you off a thank you note. Often life gets in the way of the best of plans and thus it was with my note. Oh, I'd think about it again as I did my three to five mile walk every morning and every time I'd climb a ladder to clean a drain, change a light bulb or dart out of my seat to answer the door bell. Yet, i never wrote the note. Some part of me figured that you must get many notes from more than satisfied patients. I lived my life, a better live now, and the knees just became "my knees" - not the replacement knees - just "my knees". The other day I received the Meridian Healthviews (Riverview's magazine) in the mail. Thumbing through the magazine I came to an article about a guy who had had a bilateral knee replacement. Reading about this man I though, "Wow, a guy who had a bilateral knee replacement". In the instant that I had that thought I realized that I was thinking of myself as someone who had the original equipment and not anyone who had anything in common with the guy in the article. I guess that is the ultimate in defining all that a successful bilateral knee replacement surgery can be - my knees are now one with me. Thank you, Dr. Harry Bade, it's been a long time coming but thank you very, very much.”
– C. McLoughlin
“My daughter Angela is a high school soccer player. She injured both ACLs (plus her meniscus and MCL) in a nine-month span. We, as a family, were so distraught after her first injury. Angela was assured by Dr. Torpey that she would be back on the playing field, but I don't think she really believed it would happen. Sure enough she had a remarkable recovery and was back practicing within five months! But after her second injury, she didn't even want to think about playing soccer again. Dr. Torpey made her feel confident from her visit with him that everything would be okay. He just has a calming, yet "upbeat" way about him. As parents we were so scared at the thought of Angela needing surgery and complications that could accompany it. Dr. Torpey gained our trust and confidence in no time. We were not intimidated discussing our smallest concerns. We never at any moment felt like we were being rushed out of the office because he had other patients to attend to. We often feel like that with other practices. The few times we had to call during off hours, we immediately received a return phone call. We also received phone calls from Dr. Torpey himself just to see how she was doing. We felt like we knew him for a very long time. Anytime someone gets hurt, "Go see Dr. Torpey" are the first words out of Angelas mouth, followed by "He is amazing."”
– M. Colletti
“... thank you again for the excellent treatment you gave me yesterday. I wanted you to know that you are true to your reputation as the best orthopaedic surgeon in the area. I am very happy that I wont be spending the holiday season in a cast. Again, thank you so much and my wife and daughter thank you too.”
– R. Newland
“Life sometimes has a funny way of teaching us or showing us things. In my case, an injury such as mine certainly made me realize how important and how blessed we are to have our health and the ability to get around. It also brought me into contact with you! While Im sure there are other doctors out there who could do the job, I have no doubt that there is only one of you- only one who not only possesses the skill and knowledge but also has the compassion and understanding to see his patients for who they are, each one unique in person as well as circumstances! Youre a great doctor and a great man! Thank you truly from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me! Like the song says you're simply the best, better than all the rest.”
– C. Fitzpatrick
“Dear Dr. Johnson, At this splendid time of year, it is our joy to express gratitude and respect for your medical practice. Gentle, comprehensive care is so characteristic of the healing arts. Thank you.”
– Katherine & John
“Dr. Bade and Staff, I just wanted to express my thanks for extending such a generous courtesy. Your staff has been extremely helpful, polite, and very efficient. My daughter Alex is very fortunate and is very appreciative of your care for her ankle injury.”
– M. Alfano
“Dr. Gentile, Thank you for putting my wrist back together. I know it was done with careful attention to optimal healing. I get better everyday, thanks to your expertise. Thank you.”
– John K.
“Dear Dr. Bade, Too often in today's world all of us are quick to complain. I would feel remiss if I personally did not say "thank-you" for the two hip replacements that you performed on me over the past three years and most recently in January of this year. To say the least the success of these two total hip replacement operations has improved my quality of life. In addition, I would like to say "thank you" to the entire staff at Professional Orthopaedic Associates for the way they treated me. This includes the front office staff, the X-ray technicians, the business personnel ,and a special "thank-you" to Patty Orlando. All personnel have treated me in the most professional standards and I as one have always appreciated this. Have a good day, keep the faith, and keep smiling.”
– Tom M.
“Dear Dr. Cohen and Staff, I had to write and thank you for giving me back my LIFE! I feel excellent and I am doing some of the things I love to do. When I came to you I was quite desperate and worried about my future. It's not just my job (teaching 2nd grade) that was in jeopardy, it was my livelihood. I have a teenager and two young children to care for, as well as an active sporting life that I was not ready to give up. From my first visit, you and everyone there (Marilyn and Adrienne especially) were so kind and understanding. Out you were always available to answer my questions and ease my concerns. Thank you again!  ”
– Toni F.
“Dr. Johnson, I just wanted to take a minute to praise your staff! From making my 1st appointment, requesting medical records and asking for billing help, I received top notch customer / patient service. I got what I needed and I got extra help with my billing issue. Not only a call back from Carol, but followup from others on staff on my behalf. Your staff goes above and beyond what you need. They are pleasant, helpful and they deliver on their promises. I just thought you should know, because these days this is EXTREMELY RARE Thanks for a great experience. You guys are top notch!!”
– A. Jones