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Thank you for choosing Professional Orthopaedic Associates for your care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles.

In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

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Patient Video Reviews

“Excellent care and a very knowledgable physician.”
– Barbara F.
“My 17 year old daughter had a boxers fracture on her right hand.  I searched for 2 days to find a doctor that would take our insurance. I could have taken her to the emergency room, which would have cost over $3000, just to be looked at WITH insurance. Then we would have been told to go to an orthopaedic doctor to reset the hand and cast it.After being on the internet for 2 days searching for a doctor, I found Professional Orthopaedic Associates at 5:55 in the evening and left a distressing message on the machine. I told them that I needed care for my daughter with this certain insurance, that NO one was taking, or no one was available to see her for 3 weeks! At 6:00, I received a very calming voice on the other end of the phone that they would be able to help us. They had an agreement to take what ever the insurance would give them. The relief was indescribable. We went the next morning at 7:30 am. The office was friendly and very professional. Dr. Johnson was great. He was very professional and very relaxed with my daughter. We laughed about her boxer fracture that is usually a male injury, from hitting a wall. Temper temper. My daughter’s care was outstanding and very professional. I would go back if I needed to any time.I was nervous that the bill was still going to be high, with one child in college and the next one ready to go to college, our money is being handled very carefully. When I received the final statement from the insurance company of what we owed, which was zero. We paid our co-pays and they stood by what they said and took what ever the insurance company paid.  All I could do was thank God first, and thank Professional Orthopaedic Associates for their generosity and their integrity.  I haven't been able to say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, until now. Our experience was a great blessing and a life lesson for my daughter. Never punch a wall when you’re mad.”
– Laura S.
“Dr. Foos has been an absolute caring physician since my knee surgery. He takes his time with explaining the procedure, post-op, and office visits. I am very pleased with his services, and have referred several of my friends to him. They were completely satisfied as I was.”
– Ilorraine W.
“I suffered with knee pain for quite a long time before being referred to Dr. Foos. He spoke to me, had me have x-rays and a MRI. He found that I had a torn meniscus in my left knee. I had never had surgery before and was nervous to fix my knee. Dr. Foos performed an arthroscopic procedure. Since he helped me, I have not had any pain in my knee at all. He advised me that my right knee also needed the same treatment. The x-rays had shown a slight slanting of both my kneecaps. Two years after my first procedure, he did the same procedure to my right knee. I am grateful for Dr. Foos and all the staff in that office. They were nothing but kind, happy, and reassuring. It was such a great experience that I recommend this practice constantly. I only wish other doctor visits for other reasons were as pleasant. After rehab (with Sheila) within the same practice, I have full range of motion in both my knees. I am one happy and content patient. I work two jobs and I am a single mom, and I thank God for you all for making me better so I can work.  Thank you.”
– Maria P.
“I was getting ready for work early a.m. on 12/13. While putting my socks on, something happened to my left hip. I literally could not move an inch in any direction without extreme pain (never felt pain that intense in my life 62 years old). I thought I dislocated or broke the hip. My wife called 5 different orthopaedic offices, and no one would see me that day except Dr. Gentile. I had a walker in the house, was able to make it to the car, and my wife drove to the office.  Not only did Dr. Gentile see me that day, but he did not take my insurance. He said he would accept payment from my insurance, whatever it was, without additional charge to us. He took x-rays and his bedside manner was wonderful. I highly recommend Dr. Gentile!  It took 2.5 months, but with only the medication Dr. Gentile prescribed, the pain in my left hip totally disappeared!! Now I'm very careful whenever I put my socks on.”
– David S.
“Dr. Gentile treated my son for a broken hand. He and the staff took care of my son not only medically, but really showed that they cared for him, his injury, and post visits. The professionalism was outstanding. I have already recommended others to the doctor that treated my son. Thank you for what you did, and probably will be seeing you in the future - sports :)”
– Diane C.
“The office staff was great as is Dr. Bade.”
– Christine N.
“I first saw Dr. Johnson back in my freshman year of high school (2004), after having knee pain during field hockey. Dr. Johnson attempted conservative treatment through rehab to get me through the season. At the end of the season, I went for my first arthroscopic knee surgery for a torn meniscus at the surgery center in Tinton Falls. My recovery with physical therapy was very quick and I was able to play basketball half way through the season. I finished high school and went on to play basketball at Brookdale Community College.Although, my visits with Professional Orthopaedic Associates did not end in high school. Dr. Johnson treated several more visits throughout college for various injuries. One injury included a tear to my meniscus of my other knee. So, the process repeated it self to get me through the season with rehab, then correct the tear with surgery after the season. My second arthroscopic knee surgery with Dr. Johnson was in the Toms River Surgery Center. Recovery again was very smooth, and I am happy to say I do not currently have any more knee troubles. Dr. Johnson, the staff at Professional Orthopaedic Associates, and the surgery centers are very professional, and have their patient’s care and safety first in mind. I would definitely recommend Dr. Johnson and Professional Orthopaedic Associates.”
– Kimberly C.
“I had a synvisc shot in both my knees, followed by aquatic therapy, and then regular gym therapy. That was several years ago, and I am doing fine. A single shot with all doses at once did help me along with the therapy. So far, so good. I am glad that my son, Patrick, had me see Dr. Johnson. I would recommend this orthopaedic group to anyone in need of orthopaedic care.”
– Grace D.
“My mom had hip surgery in 1995 with Dr. Torpey. He was wonderful and she loved him. I had elbow and shoulder surgery in 1998 and 1999. Between the extensive rehabilitation and challenges of getting back to work, Dr. Torpey was a constellation of excellence and compassion. He always took the time to listen with empathy, be supportive, and provide the best care. He is a rare find. I have referred several friends to him, and he has made them better. He is my all time favorite orthopaedic surgeon!”
– Ellen W.