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Thank you for choosing Professional Orthopaedic Associates for your care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles.

In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

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Patient Video Reviews

“Dr. Torpey spent at least 45 minutes with me, explaining, in most explicit detail, the tear in the supraspinatus, the rotator cuff muscle that is torn. He clearly, with a most intricate drawing, explained the problem and the procedure to repair the tear. Besides his expert knowledge, he most professionally dealt with many of my questions, particularly those that referred to holistic professionals, who had also read my MRI and prescribed a program of action. I felt overwhelmed with the need for surgery, but Dr. Torpey eased any of my concerns. I experienced no pressure to have surgery. Although, Dr. Torpey explained clearly why he believes it is necessary. I was most impressed with the entire experience.”
– Susan G.
“Wonderful , never waited more then 10 minutes in lobby. Dr. Foos knew within 2 minutes what the problem was and booked a MRI that day. I had a MRI 3 days later, and a confirmed meniscus tear. We set up surgery, which he did on a day he doesn't do surgery to accommodative me. Would and have recommended Professional Orthopaedic Associates to others.”
– Sean R.
“Great bunch of guys. Motorcycle accident injury. They treated me and found no operation needed, just physical therapy. What a relief not to go under the knife. Thanks, guys!”
– Carmen D.
“I somehow damaged my back many years ago and since, have had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Cohen. Dr. Cohen has detected several areas of damage to my spinal cord, and performed 2 surgeries already with at least another pending. Both of those surgeries with Dr. Cohen have relieved significant pain, against all the fears of "much dreaded back surgery.”  My family and I completely trust and have every bit of confidence in his diagnoses. In addition, I am secure in the decision for future major surgery when the time comes as long as I know he is performing my surgery!  With each visit and surgery, it is comforting and peace of mind dealing with the entire staff at your office! Thank you so much for all that you do!”
– Lori P.
“I was experiencing considerable pain and discomfort between the 3rd and 4th toe on my left foot. I thought that I might have suffered a fracture in one of the bones in the toe or possibly the metatarsals. Upon examination, my concerns relating to a fracture were relieved, and I was made aware that I had Morton's neuroma. Dr. Gabisan explained the condition and treatment procedures. The condition took about a month to subside and I'm back to running and power walking again.”
– Charles G.
“From the first visit to the last, Dr. Foos and his staff was first class all the way. A month after my knee surgery, I was able to ski like I was 17 again. I had my other knee worked on by another practice, and the experience was far superior with Dr. Foos. Thanks doc!”
– Dan B.
“Had debilitating leg pain due to a ruptured disk in L4/L5 region. As a tennis professional and recreational runner, my life as I knew it was over. Dr. Cohen performed surgery to relieve the pressure on the nerve causing the leg and foot pain. I was able to resume running within a few weeks and actually ran a 2:58 at the Chicago Marathon later that year, along with a personal best of 2:55 at Boston a few months after. Thank you Dr. Cohen. Without you, my running days would have been over!”
– Bob S.
“I have been coming to Professional Orthopaedic Associates for several years and have had a great experience with every doctor I have worked with, especially Dr. Torpey. They are very professional, cordial, and make every experience a great one. They always explain what procedure will be done, and how everything will play out to follow, making me very comfortable with the environment and situations.”
– John Z.
“As an avid outdoor sportsman and active volunteer in two organizations that promotes Conservation of our NJ Natural Resources through the use of proper forestry stewardship, hunting, fishing and trapping, it was too painful to maintain my sports and volunteerism with the constant pain in my knee, hip, and lower back. Knowing that I had bone on bone in my knee, I opted to visit Dr. Gesell after attending one of his seminars on Robotic Surgery. He recommended that I get an epidural spinal injection. I had the injection preformed this morning by a doctor at the Premier Pain Center, also a recommendation by Dr. Gesell, and now after 5 hours, I am 95% pain free. Thank you, Dr. Gesell.”
– Gerard N.
“Quick appointment time and pleasant experience with office personnel. Dr. Bade puts you at ease quickly, explains what is injured, and what he plans to do to repair and return me to normal life. I’m already in physical therapy and feel that my recovery will go well. I would send friends and family to see Dr. Bade or the rest of the group and would go back if I needed great care again.”
– Steven H.