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In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

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Patient Video Reviews

“17 years ago, I first saw Dr. Bade following a skiing accident, which injured my left shoulder. Following x-rays, it was determined I had damaged my rotator cuff. Rather than move towards surgery, he recommended I start with physical therapy. He insisted to see if that would solve the problem, bring back my range of motion and ultimately relieve the pain. It worked and I never forgot that option to avoid surgery.Now nearly 20 years later, I again came to see him for a second opinion. I was experiencing recurring pain in my left hip and another orthopaedic surgeon was recommending a total hip replacement after seeing me one time. Again, Dr. Bade, upon reviewing my x-rays, did not believe surgery was necessary at this stage and that I should begin a process of exercise and therapy to see if I could find relief that way. Here I am, 7 months later and pain free with the old hip. I can't say enough good things about this group!”
– Demarest N.
“I met with Dr. Johnson the day after rupturing my bicep tendon. He assessed my situation and scheduled surgery for the following afternoon. During the 2 days that passed prior to my surgery, he managed my pain and provided me with a detailed explanation of my injury and the surgery required to repair it. Dr. Johnson took into consideration that I am an avid sports enthusiast. I work out 5 days a week, enjoy golf, and playing men’s softball. The administrative staff worked quickly and efficiently with my insurance carrier to get the necessary approvals for my surgery. On the day of surgery, I was greeted by a staff of medical professionals, who went over the procedure again and made sure that my right arm was clearly identified as the surgical site. Dr. Johnson met me prior to surgery and double-checked the surgical site. If my memory serves me, the procedure took approximately 2 hours and some additional time in the recovery room. When I awoke from the procedure, the nursing staff was at my bedside, making sure that I was ok and also managing my pain. I left the medical center with a pump that allowed me to inject pain medication right to the site of the surgery. This method was so much better than taking pills.  My wife was also given clear instructions for my post-operative care and she was provided several important phone numbers if there were any questions or complications after I got home. I met with Dr. Johnson one week after my procedure and he confirmed that everything was looking good. I started my rehab a few days later. The rehab took about 3-4 months before I was on my own. During that time, I had several follow up visits with Dr. Johnson. This was a much more significant injury than I initially thought but with the help of Dr. Johnson, the entire medical staff, and my physical therapist I was working out at full strength in about 6 months. I am so grateful to the entire team who cared for me. I would highly recommend this group of professionals to anyone in need of expert medical care. Thanks Dr. Johnson!”
– John B.
“Dr. Johnson operated on both of my hands for carpal tunnel syndrome. I have no more tingling, numbness, or pain in my hands. He also operated on a trigger finger, which is perfect now. Of course, Dr. Johnson is a great surgeon. He is a beautiful person inside and out, as well. I love him, and highly recommend him!”
– Terri R.
“I received a catastrophic knee injury in 1978 as a 16-year-old football player. I spent the next 29 years of my life having acute pain and 8 knee surgeries, until Dr. Bade performed a total knee replacement in 2006. The surgery was better than anything I ever hoped for. The recovery went well, quick, and 8 weeks almost to the day, I rode in the MS50, 50-mile bicycle charity event on the Jersey shore. I had over twice as long in my life with terrible knee pain and limitations that I had forgotten how to go to bed at night and fall asleep without having to take aspirin, prop my leg and have ice. I will never be able to thank Dr. Bade enough and I refer anyone who asks, "Where did you get your knee done?" to Dr Bade and Professional Orthopaedic Associates.”
– Craig L.
“After about 10 years of suffering with a bad ankle and having been told by 3 doctors, specialists in the field, that nothing can be done about the fact that my leg bone sat on top of the ankle bone instead of in its socket, I found Dr. Gabisan. He performed an operation November 2013, and now I can walk without pain. Also, for the past 3 days *(beginning March 10), I have only needed 1 cane to walk instead of a walker. Thanks Dr. Gabisan and staff.  I hope you enjoyed the basket of fruit I sent to your office on Thanksgiving.”
– Edward L.
“I had knee pain for many years, but chose to ignore it due to the fact I was very overweight. I assumed any doctor would just look at me and say, "lose weight and you will feel better." Well, I lost over 120 lbs. and still had pain. So I finally sought treatment. I knew a few people Dr. Foos helped and he was highly recommended. After meeting with him, it was decided I needed surgery to repair a torn meniscus and a hole in my cartilage. I was pain free for the first time for as long as I can remember. Fast-forward 2 years, I re-tore the same knee and went back to see Dr. Foos. This time we elected to try a shot of synvisc. It was successful, and I was able to return to my very active lifestyle. I highly recommend Dr. Foos!”
– Daimee M.
“After a Florida trip, at the beginning of my sophomore baseball season at St. John Vianney, I experienced shoulder discomfort. Dr. Johnson diagnosed and performed labrum surgery on my right shoulder. I am happy to say I was playing fall baseball that year and finished my career at SJU. I am now in my senior season at Misericordia University, where I have started at first base all four years. During my first three years at MU, my team had won our conference title three times, with three trips to the NCAA Regional. I am so fortunate that Dr. Johnson was my surgeon. I would have never experienced this great college experience without his excellent surgical performance.”
– Josepn T.
“These guys are fantastic! Faced with a knee issue in both knees, they both took conservative measures that have bought me time from surgery. Exercise will help, and a watchful eye makes me confident that my torn meniscus will be repaired when required.”
– Ray B.
“I fell and sprained my ankle. When I called, the staff quickly found an appointment for me later that day and were very friendly. They made me feel at ease and comfortable. Dr. Johnson explained what was wrong with my ankle, how we were going to treat it, and took time to answer all my questions. Thank you Professional Orthopaedic Associates.”
– Kristen