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Thank you for choosing Professional Orthopaedic Associates for your care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles.

In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

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Patient Video Reviews

"Excellent." – James R.
"Dr. Johnson was quick to accommodate scheduling an emergency consultation and surgery for a badly injured finger, and was very forthcoming with what was his opinion and what was fact in terms of what treatment my finger required to heal as fully as possible. Although I did opt for the full treatment, he admitted that the finger would be perfectly healthy if he did a less extensive (and expensive) treatment, but it would not be nearly as aesthetically pleasing, and I appreciated his recognition of this information. Also, I was leaving the area only a week after my surgery was scheduled, yet Dr. Johnson was fully willing and capable of accommodating me and giving me all of the information I needed to be okay to travel with the injury and last until I could visit a doctor in the location I was moving to. He even knew of a good doctor in the new area that he sent my patient documents straight to so that checking in at this new doctor's office was far more painless than it would have otherwise been. Great guy and a great doctor!" – Tyler P.
"Dr. Bade is the best Orthopedic Dr my family has ever used. His skills are amazing and his bedside manner couldn't be any better. He takes the time to explain in language I can understand. I refer everyone and anyone who is looking for an orthopedic doctor." – Michael P.   
"I've been a patient of Dr. Gentile for a few different issues over the years and feel that I've always received the best care available anywhere. Dr. Gentile is an excellent doctor and has always been very personable (as are the rest of the staff there). There were times where I required surgery and I'm better than I was even prior to my injuries. Friends that have had the same or similar surgeries have not done as well as I have and I attribute that to Dr. Gentile. I can't imagine ever going anywhere else if the need arises again in the future. The convenience of having X-rays and MRI's done on site is also a bonus. Many thanks to Dr. Gentile and Professional Orthopaedic Associates for the care you've provided." – Caz Z. 
"Came to see Dr. Bade after an incident that happened over a year prior where I experienced a pain like no other while trying to lift heavy dresses over my head after picking up their hangers from behind. After a thorough exam it was determined that there was nothing seriously wrong (whew!) and that some light exercise would help.  While other doctors might have gone for more expensive tests or physical therapy or prescription medication, Dr. Bade always takes the time to listen to me, ask additional questions, and do a thorough hands-on examination. I know I'm in good hands (literally)." – Kathi E. 
"I had a fantastic experience, my knees are well again and I was treated like a family member. Dr. Johnson, you are the best!!" – Albert R. 
"I had been experiencing pain in my left knee for quite some time which was hampering me from enjoying my daily and athletic activities. Dr. Foos diagnosed my problem & began with the least invasive treatment. When this did not relieve my knee pain, he ordered an MRI which showed that I was a candidate for knee replacement surgery. I appreciate that Dr. Foos was very conservative in his diagnosis and gave me plenty of time to consider all of my options. I chose knee replacement surgery as I am a 72-year-old woman who is looking forward to maintaining a very active and athletic lifestyle. It has been two weeks since my surgery. I am attending physical therapy 3 times a week and feel that I am making good progress. I am looking forward to a full recovery. Thank you, Dr. Foos!!" – Judith A. 
"It was a pleasant experience all around the staff explained everything and took great care." – Jon M.
"My son cut his foot and fractured his toe while riding his bike. We went to the ER for treatment and followed up with Dr. Johnson. Following Dr. Johnson's instructions, He was able to continue football practice!  Thank you, Dr. Johnson!" – Patrice L. 
"Dr. Gabisan is very professional, knowledgeable and highly experienced. He is very kind and attentive to his patients' needs. I would highly recommend this fellowship trained doctor if you are considering a foot or ankle surgery." – Evgeniya S.