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Thank you for choosing Professional Orthopaedic Associates for your care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles.

In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

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Patient Video Reviews

“Before I met Doctor Torpey, whenever I held my two toddlers I had a huge Charlie horse in my leg. It was heart breaking (explaining why I had to put them down), but the toughest part was not knowing why it was so painful. Brian (Doctor Torpey) explained to me what a labrum was and why I had pain for what seemed like no reason at all. As a life-long swimmer, hip pain was new to me. After he explained the procedure and the rehabilitation, I chose the Labrum reconstruction surgery. I was in and out in one afternoon. In my follow up visit, he walked me through the surgery performed (picture by picture) and showed me the repair that was done. After a few months of p/t, and a few visits back to Professional Orthopedic Associates, I was holding and swimming my little ones! As a forty something, a father and professional in the largest healthcare system in New Jersey, I recommend Doctor Brian Torpey for anyone considering labrum surgery. Last night was the St. Dominic’s father daughter dance and my little ones and I were dancing up a storm thanks to Doctor Torpey. I wrote this letter the very next day. Thank you, Dr. Torpey.”
– Liam H.
"Words cannot express how grateful I am to Dr. Jason Cohen. I was in excruciating back pain because of a herniated disc and very nervous about getting surgery. The only thing I could do without pain was lie flat or stand straight. Any sitting , bending, sneezing, etc was intense pain. Dr. Cohen got me in right away, his team got me an MRI that same day and he explained the procedure to me and told me that he could get me out of pain. I trusted him and his team and they did just that! In a very short time frame, I was back to paddleboarding, yardwork, yoga and beach volleyball. NO Restrictions!! I got my life back, pain free!! The other HUGE component was that his team verified my insurance for me (something you really don't feel like doing when you are in that much pain) and there was very little out of pocket expense! Life is too short to be in pain when you have a surgeon like Dr. Cohen around. He's the best!!! Feel so blessed. Thanks again Dr. Cohen!!!" – Elizabeth
"Excellent surgery, follow-up, and continued guidance. Very efficient office. Thanks everyone!" - William C.
"Dr. Johnson is the best and the girls at the desk rock!" - Athena L.
"I underwent emergency lumbar spinal surgery, expertly and swiftly performed by Dr. Cohen within hours of meeting him to relieve crushed nerves as a result of a severely herniated disc. Some years later after developing symptoms that included severe pain down the back and front of both legs, Dr. Cohen performed a Transpsoas Interbody and Posterior Lumbar Fusion at L3-4, L4-5. I put my trust in Dr. Cohen and he saved me twice. During my hospital stays, Dr. Cohen visited me every day, not only to check on my condition but to comfort me and my family. God made a good man and fine surgeon when he made Jason Cohen.  I have been Dr. Cohen's patient for years now. He, his nurse Adrienne and the rest of his staff are kind, compassionate, dedicated, and very hard working. They are also excellence teachers. Dr. Cohen and Adrienne took the time to educate me and answer questions about my condition, the type of surgery I would receive, and the necessary post-surgical care to be administered.  There is no need to travel to New York or Pennsylvania in search of a spinal surgeon when we are fortunate enough to have the best spinal surgeon right in our own backyard." -Peter D.
"Dear Dr. Dave, Just a quick note to thank you for assisting with my knee replacement.  After your wonderful care for the past 12 years, I was just so appreciative to see your smiling face prior to going to the O.R. that morning.  Tom and I knew from the beginning that you didn’t do the replacements, but you kept your word when you told me you’d do your best to help the surgeon.  Dr. Gesell was a great recommendation…thank you for that as well.  I feel like I’ve gotten the best of both worlds…two great surgeons and functional results!  Now I have two surgeons to walk me into the future (one I consider a dear friend). Thank you again."  - Carrie M.
"Dr. Bade! How can I describe my experience with the ultimate professional? This is one doctor that actually still practices by a moral code. My problems were always addressed and Dr. Bade never rushed through any of my appointments before or after shoulder surgery. I had forgotten what it was like to have such an incredible physician. Hands on and actually palpates. My appointments were always on time and each visit was nonthreatening. The staff is friendly and caring and always manage to work with you should an issue arise. I can't see myself going to another orthopaedic doctor after being at Professional Orthopaedic Associates. They definitely are worthy of the name professional." – Mary F.
"Awesome. I have had several knee and shoulder surgeries with Dr. Foos and he was great. I play college football and owe my whole carreer to him. My experience started with the front check in desk and ended with physical therapy. They were are the best each and every time. Professional Orthopaedics is the only orthopaedic practice I would ever use. Thank you to all their staff." – Chris D.
"I had a great experience. Dr. Gentile was awesome! i've seen 5 doctors and was in pain for 3 years. After surgery with Dr. Gentile I am completely pain free." – Melissa
"My visit was absolutely a wonderful experience. This was my first visit. From the initial reception until the completion of my examination, the visit was professional and friendly. Well done staff!" - Samuel P.