Hip Replacement by Dr. Mark Gesell

The following is a joint replacement video where Dr. Mark Gesell discusses hip replacement.

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Dr. Gesell: Hi, I'm Mark Gesell from Professional Orthopaedics, and today, I'm going to talk to you about hip replacement surgery.

Hip arthritis is a very common and painful condition. It causes pain that usually starts in your groin and then radiates around your hip and also causes a significant amount of stiffness in your hip. This leads to difficulty putting on your socks and shoes, getting dressed, and walking for long distances.

Once you have continued pain and stiffness after a nonoperative care, then surgical options and hip replacement surgery can offer an excellent relief to this pain and stiffness. There are multiple different surgical techniques to put in the hip replacement, and all do very well. The overall survival and stability of the implant, I think, is dictated mostly by the position of the implants. So a poorly positioned implant may work well initially but may wear out sooner or cause a dislocation and may need to be revised later.

The newest technology for hip replacement is a robotic-assisted hip replacement surgery. This allows a CT scan before surgery and help us to better position and align and position the implant during the surgery to allow a more accurately placed implant. This will allow a smoother, easier recovery after surgery. Most people are walking the same day of surgery and with physical therapy can be up walking well and back to their normal routine within a few weeks after surgery.

So please make an appointment to find out if you're a candidate for hip replacement surgery.

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