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Thank you for choosing Professional Orthopaedic Associates for your care. We are dedicated to providing you exceptional orthopaedic care, and we don’t want insurance issues to stand in the way. Each doctor has a trained billing specialist who will work with you to make things financially comfortable.  

Being out-of-network allows us to spend more time with our patients, resulting in a higher level of patient care, and it returns the management of care back where it belongs—to the doctor and patient. Rest assured, at Professional Orthopaedic Associates, we practice for the patient first. We want only the best for our patients and for each of them to get back to living without limits. 

To discuss your health insurance coverage, please call our highly trained billing and insurance specialists. Please contact us at (732) 530-4949 and ask for your doctor's billing specialist. We will be happy to assist you by contacting your health insurance company on your behalf.