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"I had been having problems with my knees, which in turn held me back from enjoying the retirement years that I was so much looking forward to. I decided to see Dr. Torpey at Professional Orthopaedic Associates to find out if there was anything that he could do to reverse the condition and associated pain. The examination was done along with x-rays and the results were that my knees were in bad condition, my right knee worse than the left. After exploring the options to remedy the situation, I choose to have my right knee treated with the Synvisc treatment. Before I had even completed the three-week treatment period, my knee felt great with no more pain and excellent mobility. To my benefit, the treatment lasted longer than projected, but then my knee started to fail again. I went back to Dr. Torpey, an examination was done again, and the result was that the only option was a knee replacement. I agreed and the wheels were set in motion for the operation. Dr. Torpey performed the successful operation in 2009. After a period of physical therapy, I have been pain free and active ever since. If ever I have to have my left knee operated on, you can be sure that Professional Orthopaedic Associates and Dr. Torpey will be involved. Thank you Dr. Torpey." -- William P.

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