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My daughter Angela is a high school soccer player. She injured both ACLs (plus her meniscus and MCL) in a nine-month span. We, as a family, were so distraught after her first injury. Angela was assured by Dr. Torpey that she would be back on the playing field, but I don't think she really believed it would happen. Sure enough she had a remarkable recovery and was back practicing within five months! But after her second injury, she didn't even want to think about playing soccer again.

Dr. Torpey made her feel confident from her visit with him that everything would be okay. He just has a calming, yet "upbeat" way about him. As parents we were so scared at the thought of Angela needing surgery and complications that could accompany it. Dr. Torpey gained our trust and confidence in no time. We were not intimidated discussing our smallest concerns. We never at any moment felt like we were being rushed out of the office because he had other patients to attend to. We often feel like that with other practices. The few times we had to call during off hours, we immediately received a return phone call. We also received phone calls from Dr. Torpey himself just to see how she was doing. We felt like we knew him for a very long time.

Anytime someone gets hurt, "Go see Dr. Torpey" are the first words out of Angelas mouth, followed by "He is amazing."
~ M. Colletti, Wall, NJ

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