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First and foremost THANK YOU. You have been my surgeon since I was sixteen years old, the age of my first ACL replacement. You have been my only option for anything orthopedic that needs to be done. You made my RT knee as good as new and in all actuality better than God had even intended it to be.

Recently I needed to go in for yet another surgery, this time on my LT knee and I needed to have more screws placed into bones and more tendons used to repair damage. I cannot believe the progress I have made already, both on my own and with the assistance of you staff and the staff at Ivy Rehab. I truly believe that if it were not for your expertise and incredible attention to detail I would not be recovering as quickly as I am. I cannot imagine trusting my joints, ligaments, or body to any other Doctor, or to any other practice.

I understand that long gone are m days of competitive Rugby, Football, and other high impact sports. I know that in time I will be back to bodybuilding and most regular activities I was used to being involved with. I appreciate you and your staff repairing Gods mistakes. This is how I view you. Some people say their Doctor is a God! I simply state my Doctor is not God & he just fixes Gods mistakes. I am thrilled with the work, the knee (while still painful) is coming along perfectly and I will be back to fighting condition soon.

In closing; you are a master of your craft. I am thankful that at sixteen my parents had the wherewithal to choose you and that I had the mind to stay with you.

~ Kind regards, D. Albanese, Manchester, NJ

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