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Today  a special date & though we often celebrate the regular run of the mill ordinary days  we want you to know that today we have a birthday party for a 5 year old hip.

You grinded, sawed, measured, jammed, screwed, cemented and applied the intensity of your efforts to give a kid trapped in a 70 year bone war a whole new life.

You have to know how much we thank you and thank the hands you have and the skill that moves them, at least as much as we thank your rare humanity and art that fostered our total trust throughout this experience. After seeing a series of surgeons who were unduly mechanistic, mercenary, and abrupt, we were terrified and cynical.

You and your entire staff not only replace a very important hip, but gave reassurances and professionalism at each and every juncture. Everyone was exceptionally kind and efficient, from those who scheduled appointments, to those who mediated through the monetary sludge with our insurance coverage, and especially to the R. N. care coordinator who assured all details were appropriately managed.

We simply want you and your wonderful staff to know that each of you made the biggest difference for a terrified twosome ---- you have the heartfelt thanks from two who have appreciated your gifts each day for the past five years.
~ Sincerely, D. Hamilton, A. Verb Georgetown, SC

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