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"Dear Dr. Bade,
Each morning as I walk down my long driveway to retrieve my New York Times, I both say a prayer to God for the agility I have in making this trek, and to thank Him further for gifting you with the hands that made it possible.

I am sure I am not in your memory, as you are a busy surgeon, but you remain in mine almost daily as I walk with a degree of grace and wear shoes with heels and can maintain my equilibrium.

My full recovery did not set in until approximately two years after my operation, but the entire process from surgery to rehabilitation was so well coordinated and efficient that it led to me being pain free and a mobile woman once again.

This short message has been running around in my head for a long time, and I am finally able to put my thoughts to paper, and want to once again say Thank You for the hard work you do in your profession, and for making me feel so "whole" again."
~ E. Haines of Brielle NJ

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