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Dr. Gesell, From the time I called and made an appointment up until the time of surgery, I had felt support from Dr. Gesell and his staff, i.e.; Amanda Aversa, Lisa Vito, and Colleen Rackett. No question was too silly and they always made time to answer my questions. Dr. Gesell put me at ease at the first visit and my MRI revealed that I had a torn rotator cuff (in my shoulder).

Dr. Gesell had me go to physical therapy first, but, the pain never subsided. It was my choice to have the surgery when I did. The entire experience went much better than I expected and having the surgery at the Surgical Center proved to be an excellent choice. The nurses were gracious and the anesthesiologist was impeccable. The entire procedure went smoothly. I had a nerve block put in before the surgery, which helped me to cope for the three days following the surgery.

Recovery is a long process. There are good and bad pain days. I am having passive physical therapy now and see Dr. Gesell this Friday. Dr Gesell always stressed that recovery will take time...and patience is key.

I would gladly recommend Dr "G" as a surgeon. He has definitely won me over with his skill as a surgeon and his ability to communicate to his patient and their family. ~ Ilona K. Atlantic Highlands, NJ.

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