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Dear Professional Orthopaedic Associates, I would like to thank P.O.A. for the help and support given to me and other Shore Conference athletic trainers.

Years ago when many high schools were beginning to hire certified athletic trainers, your support provided us with acceptance and credibility. The meetings that you sponsored relating to the care and prevention of athletic injuries were informative and educational. The social aspect of these meetings were also helpful to many of us. Talking with other athletic trainers about problems they had faced often helped me find a solution for my concerns.

Your presence on sidelines of varsity football games was always greatly appreciated. If I had any questions regarding an athletic injury at my school, the doctors of P.O.A. were only a phone call away. The timely and expert care you provided for our injured student athletes was always a given. Again, thank you. ~ Sincerely, David A. Solt ATC Athletic Trainer - Retired Toms River HS East {1979-2012}

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