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"Dr. Johnson, I wish to thank you for the great job that you did for me on two occasions. The first was a couple of years ago after a sever ligament tear to my left thumb. Since then it has healed tremendously and it is now a non-issue in daily performance on the job, when I'm working out or in the future as I perform my summer duties life guarding.

The second was the most recent operation you performed on my knee to take care of a torn piece of cartilage. Though I still think about it in order to protect it, I shocked myself when to perform a task that involved the use of brute force i used that very leg and didn't realize I had until afterward. I of course rebuked myself for doing so, but it put a smile on my face realizing that the knee was solid.

I also wish to give a sincere thank you for the greatest confidence you instilled on my daughter when she saw you. She was amazed when you got on the phone and got her an appointment within a week with a doctor that she was not able to get an appointment for over a month. She also said that she felt tremendously comfortable with your overall demeanor and courtesy towards her in a personal way and not just a clinical manner.

We've known one another since high school and I am proud to tell people that fact. Not just because you are an excellent doctor and surgeon, for which I recommend you, but because you are a fine individual that really does care about his patients." ~ Mark S.

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