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I'm pleasantly surprised and I say pleasantly because I did not expect the level of satisfaction I got from this office.

I'm now retired from the corporate world and I find myself complaining how offices are terribly run and how, nowadays, people just don't care-most of them want to do the minimum required and could care less if client satisfaction is being provided.  A couple of years ago, I needed a shoulder specialist and by pure luck I decided to have Dr. David Gentile look at my shoulder.  Dr. Gentile took his time to explain in details what he was going to do to solve my problem.  He operated on my right shoulder and as he predicted, my shoulder was fixed.  A year later, while teaching soccer in the community, a kid ran into me and because my bad knee did not provide me the right balance, I feel and my other shoulder now needed to be repaired.  Dr. Gentile performed the operation and again he fixed it.  I decided to have a full knee replacement and to my regret, I did not call Dr. Gentile; I let my therapist convince me to see another surgeon- a mistake I regret and I'll never forget.  I found this new office to be rude; not to care about their patients and worse yet, I found the doctor to take the "I could care less attitude."  My knee replacement was a complete failure.  The insurance company gave me the permission to see a different doctor for a second opinion and at the same time they told me a revision was being negated.  I was not going to make the same mistake and this time I called Dr. Gentile for his recommendation - he recommended Dr. Mark Gesell.  On June 24, my revision took place.  While waiting for June 24, a family member got hurt.  I asked, once again, Dr. Gentile for his advice.  He recommended Dr. Glenn Gabisan and with no hesitation we went to him.  She got her procedure done and we are both in the recovery stage.  Dr. Gentile is now a key person for me - any problems I go to him and thanks to Dr. Mark Gesell, for the first time, I feel confident my knee will be fine.  

Doctors, thank you very much; thanks to all of you I feel I'll be able to enjoy a normal life.

Yours truly,
Juan C.

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