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"My story has two parts. First, approximately 27 years ago, I was involved in an accident that required knee surgery. Dr. Bade performed surgery to reattach my ACL using two screws. While attending physical therapy, I was informed while the surgery was a huge success; I would be somewhat limited with use and range of motion in the future. I was to be out of work for six months, and I was further disappointed as I am also an avid weight lifter, and this would surely damper my workouts. How wrong the physical therapist was. I returned to work after two months, and to this day, I have full range of motion. I can do any leg exercise from squats to leg press with as much weight as I want, including several hundred pounds, I HAVE NO LIMITATIONS.

Now at the age of 46, I have encountered another injury requiring surgery to my left shoulder. I had a bone spur, and tears to my labrum and rotator cuff. Another huge disappointment, as I have finally reached my life goal of bench-pressing 400 pounds.  I live in upstate New York, so traveling to New Jersey for a doctor is a bit of an inconvenience, however, how could I not use the doctor that performed a miracle on my knee 27 years ago. Dr. Bade performed the surgery on my shoulder in April of this year, and once again, I was informed that heavy weight lifting would be out of the question. Once again, they were WRONG. After a lot of hard work, I was able to bench press 400 pounds in September of this same year and feel incredible. Dr. Bade is a miracle worker!" -- John D.

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