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"When your child breaks a bone, it is a terrifying experience. Unfortunately, my son, Matthew, age 12, broke both bones in his right forearm and experienced a great deal of pain. After being treated at the hospital emergency room, Matthew needed follow-up care from a caring and experienced orthopedist. I asked many friends and family members and they recommended Professional Orthopedists and gave them great reviews. My son and I met with Dr. Johnson and his staff and he was treated with such care, it immediately put us at ease. The technician and nurse who x-rayed Matthew were knowledgeable and gentle, and helped him deal with the pain that he was in. Dr. Johnson then met with us and reassured us that Matthew would have a full recovery. He explained the x-rays in terms that we could understand and showed us how the bones could heal without having to go through surgery. Dr. Johnson used a hard cast to ensure that the bones were set in a corrective position- something that we couldn't imagine when we first saw the x-rays. His sense of humor and great bedside manner kept my 12-year-old son in good spirits, while he kept a nervous mom informed and at ease. At the one week follow-up visit, we met with Dr. Gesell, Dr Johnson's partner. He was also equally caring and professional. Dr. Gesell showed us the follow-up x-rays and showed us how the bones were repairing themselves and were back in a healthy and stable position to fuse back together. Words cannot describe how grateful we are to be in the care of such skilled and professional doctors. Matthew is expected to have a full recovery, which is just amazing after all that he went through. To see him smile and laugh means the world to us. We know that the care he received at Professional Orthopedists made all the difference to him and our family." - Audrey O.
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