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"Dear Dr. Johnson, Clorinda, & All the Office Staff at Professional Orthopaedic Associates,

I just want to say again thank you for your incredible kindness and generosity towards me and my family. You are truly the most sincere, caring, and unselfish human beings that I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I have been a patient of Professional Orthopaedic Associates for many years. Dr. Johnson, you have treated our family for at least 30 years now. From my in-laws to my children and now to me. From the moment we met, you always made me feel at peace. I will admit, I have been thrown a couple of curve balls in my time and am very fearful when it comes to doctors, but knowing that I am in your hands, has always left me so comforted. Clorinda, where do I begin. You are the best for always fitting us in for immediate appointments and helping us with paper work and insurance. Your calming presence and efficient organization has pulled this family through many procedures, from fractured bones in my son’s ankle’s, knees, and hand, to my irregular EKGs and then being sent instantly to your own cardiologist. Thank you. Having this tremendous disc pain has been torture. I had been in severe pain for approx. 7 months. My neck, back, and left arm all hurt. My pain got to the point that I could only stand. Sitting was unbearable. Dr. Johnson, you examined me and knew right away that something funny was going on. That same day, I was introduced to your associate Dr. Cohen, who confirmed I needed an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion. Surgery was scheduled two weeks later after all pre-testing was approved. You have gone above and beyond to help me get to where I am today. Checking on me weekly to make sure all pre-testing was on scheduled and that I was not in pain. I was very afraid as my insurance was not taken at the office and I received a call that night to say not to worry. I am a widow with three children and one still in college, so I was very scared of the finances. Insurance companies denying most everything as they do. And also worrying that the worst would happen in surgery. It is such a foreign concept to be told by your office that  “Professional Orthopedic puts their patients 1st  and not the finances." They explained they would work with my insurance company and they stood by what they said! I am so happy to say that surgery took place April 24th - one week ago. I was home the next day 100% pain free and feeling better that I have in years. I had my follow up visit with Dr. Cohen six days later and was so excited to be told all was successful. Even your front desk staff hugged and welcomed me back. YOUR KINDNESS WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTON!!!! You are truly an angel. God bless you for your talent, kindness, and compassion." - Elaine R.

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