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"I am a 49 year old ex-professional hockey player who had MAKO knee surgery with Dr. Bade and Dr. Gesell.  Prior to the surgery, I could barely walk. The pain in my knee was overwhelming to the point that I was having a hard time performing the more physical aspects of my job (I am a hockey director and coach) and I was unable to participate in my favorite past-time activity, golf. I had a partial knee replacement via MAKO surgery the morning of January 30, 2015, and by the same afternoon, I was up and taking steps with a walker. I had very little discomfort even directly after the procedure; I never even filled the pain medication prescription I was given, I just used over-the-counter ibuprofren, which controlled any discomfort. I followed the recommended course of physical therapy and quickly progressed to normal function. In early March (five weeks post-surgery), I was back on the ice, skating. Two months post surgery, I was back on the golf course. Today, I am three months post surgery and I feel great. I have no limitations and I am functioning at full capacity. I would highly recommend these doctors and this procedure to anyone who is a candidate for it. Dr. Bade and Dr. Gesell are outstanding surgeons and I am grateful for their meticulous care." - Yves H.

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