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"I came to Dr. Bade for a torn meniscus and a blown up bursa sac in my right shoulder. In both visits and every subsequent visit thereafter, Dr Bade and his staff were beyond professional. He took the time to listen, examine and diagnose my injuries with the utmost care, and treated me with both dignity and respect. My wife Elena and daughter Kayla are both patients of Dr. Foos, my daughter is a solid athlete and tore her ACL during a High level gymnastics completion, we brought her to Dr Foos who evaluated her explained in great detail the diagnosis, as well as how he was going to repair the ACL. Dr. Foos performed surgery on Kayla's knee, with absolute care and precision, and she was back to competing at the same level in 3 1/2 months and continues to play club field hockey at the University of Delaware, where she is studying to be a physician assistant thanks to this GREAT doctor, I have total confidence in, and respect for both Dr. Bade, and Dr. Foos they both truly care about each one of their patients, and it is evident throughout the entire practice.  and I have, and will continue to recommend Professional Orthopedics to anyone who asks.Thank you to Dr. Bade and Dr. Foos, you are both a very special men and the epitome of what a doctor is and should be." -- Gerard J. 

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