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"After three months of unrelenting pain and discomfort that was affecting the quality of my life and after unsuccessful attempts at relief with steroid injections, acupuncture and PT, surgery was recommended. I was referred by a dear friend and doctor to Dr. Jason Cohen. After reviewing my case and looking at my films, Dr. Cohen recommended anterior discectomy with fusion. This was necessary but obviously very scary. Going through this with Dr. Cohen and Professional Orthopaedic Associates gave me the best experience possible.

At my first visit and every visit after that I was met by a professional, efficient, caring staff. Dr. Cohen's confident, informative, sympathetic approach helped me sort through the procedure and my options. A bonus for me was also meeting a nurse who had the same surgery as I did and being able to ask her every question I had from the actual procedure to how soon I would be able to wash my hair after surgery.
I am so happy to say that my surgery was completely successful and was performed without any problems. My recovery was just as Dr. Cohen told me it would be.  I followed the instructions of Dr. Cohen and the staff throughout my recovery, and two months after my surgery I played 4 rounds of golf in 8 days! Thank you to Dr. Cohen and his wonderful staff for giving me my life back." -- Joette I. 

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