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"Dr. Gentile is an excellent and compassionate surgeon and Orthopaedic Care Professional. For many years now, he has been someone who has enabled me to live a far better quality of life than I ever expected due to the nature of my injuries when I first became a patient. I cannot thank him enough for all that he has done for me. He has also . . . referred me to Dr. Gabisan and Dr. Cohen and Dr. Gesell when it was required. I am extremely grateful for his care and he has also treated both of my sons at various points in time. I recommend Dr. Gentile to many friends and acquaintances and also this office in general. Also, your support staff . . . the nurses, the X-ray technicians, the people who handle appointments, surgical scheduling and billing are all amazing people. They are "Simply the Best" to take a line from Tina Turner." -- Bonnie F. 

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