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"I was very nervous regarding the injury I had suffered after a car accident, being that I am a very active male who enjoys playing a lot of sports as well as dancing about twice a week, and when I go dancing I'm dancing to for anywhere from 4-8 hours or more, usually  with people usually much younger. So being that my injury meant that this was going to be perhaps the most serious surgery I had to go through in about 40 years I was very much concerned. Not only did Dr. G put at ease before, but immediately afterwards & during the 6 month recovery period. Also I like to add that I found the whole staff top notch & friendly, I have worked in Healthcare for over 30 years and have never encountered a staff as friendly & helpful as the staff here. I would recommend Professional to anyone needing their services, in fact I have to some minor foot surgery done, and the only ones I want to perform it is Professional Orthopaedics." – Marvin H. 

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