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"Wow ... Well, I blew out my right knee and went to Dr. Gentile and he gave me the option of Surgery and pushed for PT. I really liked that he didn't want to rush to surgery. After PT it still wasn't up to 100% so surgery was required. When it came to my left knee ... Well .. It was my fault cuz I couldn't sit still. So after surgery on both knees I am up to 8 miles biking and 6 miles walking on the board walk in Belmar & Spring Lake. If you go to Doctor Gentile you will get an honest medical option for rehab or surgery. He will push rehab for you!! I know cuz both my shoulders were a mess (hereditary ) and he helped me to rehab them without surgery. So my advise .... Go to a doctor who is NOT out for $$$$ BUT for you !!!!! Thanks Doctor Gentile!" – Mark S. 

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